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Burgundy, Loire, Bordeaux and more

Feature in SuperValu Sale

Final week of SuperVale French Wine Sale

Vaillons La Chablisienne 2011, Chablis 1er Cru, Burgundy, 13%, €20.00 SuperValu French Sale

This is the native land of Chardonnay and this is an excellent expression of the grape, pure and perfect.

Colour is a light yellow and there are complex aromas, including floral and fruit strands.  Continue reading »

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We recently returned to the Netherlands, and more specifically to Amsterdam, for a little weekend away. Even though it’s been 4 years since I left Amsterdam, I immediately feel at home and comfortable whenever I return. In a city where bicycles outnumber residents, it’s so tempting to fall into the Amsterdam cliches of the Red Light district, canals, coffee shops and bicycles.  Continue reading »

Nutella Calzones

A post by Adam. at Cook It Yourself

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Okay, so ignore the fancy presentation. These are best prepared in the small little takeaway tins you get Chinese food in. Most euro shops sell 5 – 10 of these for under €2 and they’re perfect for batch cooking & freezing meals.


500g Beef Mince
750g Potatoes


Step 1
This is the firsdt step
Step 2
This is the second step.  Continue reading »

Here are my shopping tips for the week beginning 23 February 2015. They include all the major supermarkets in Ireland. If you’d like to be included or have a product deal you’d like highlighted please do get in touch. Details are below.
Yesterday put paid to any plans of working outdoors and I ended up on a short visit North of the border.  Continue reading »

It’s hard to believe that February is nearly over. We’ve had an incredibly mild winter here in Seattle, and daffodils, crocuses and even cherry blossoms are already in full bloom. I love the colors of spring as it’s a sweet reminder that summer is just around the corner. I also love the sweet selection of citrus fruits in season at the moment, and can’t resist adding citrus fruits to nearly every dish these days.  Continue reading »

Café Hans is a little pink treasure of foodie delights. It is nestled on a quaint street in the outskirts of the pretty town of Cashel, just a stones throw from the impressive Rock of Cashel.

We have visited for lunch on three occasions and been very satisfied each time. Our last trip was on Valentine’s day.  The café is opened from 12 to 5, takes no bookings and unsurprisingly gets very busy during rush hour lunch time.  Continue reading »

via Instagram http://ift.tt/18fLlto.  Continue reading »

My Favourite Fizz

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

There are few sweeter sounds in my life than the pop of a cork heralding a celebration, be it an anniversary, a birthday or just because it’s Friday night. Those of you who read Babaduck or follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram know that I’m very fond of a glass of fizz.  Continue reading »

I’ve been a fan of the TV series Girls from the very beginning. There have been many moments when Lena Dunham’s (sometimes brutally) honest depiction of just how self-absorbed and unaware young women can be struck a chord and made me realise how much I’ve grown up since my early twenties.I haven’t enjoyed this latest series as much. Or at least I wasn’t enjoying it until I watched episode 5.  Continue reading »

BOLAND CELLARS, South African region Paarl’s leading estate, was recently included in the World Association of Wine & Spirits’ “Top 100 wine producers” list. Boland argues that a great wine is one where you think you had a glass but yet the bottle seems to be gone. Love the logic

Paarl is an important wine district 60km inland from Cape Town and immediately northeast of stately Stellenbosch.  Continue reading »

Piedmontese Steak Highlight of Tipp Top Meal

Why not putt into the Fairways sometime?

Often had samples of the Irish Piedmontese beef at food fairs and festivals and it was great to be able to order a sirloin steak, all for myself, at the Fairways Bar and Orchard Restaurant in Kilruane (near Nenagh) recently.

And, glad to say, it was excellent, tender and full of flavour, quite a treat, served with a mini-saucepan of serious garlic butter and an excellent selection of vegetables.  Continue reading »

England streaming

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I’ve no idea why I’ve been dodging Thornbridge on this blog, but it seems I have. A notebook clear-out revealed a string of their beers that I’d drank on draught in Dublin over the last seven months but never got round to scribbling about. This post is for putting that right.
Puja first, a 6.4% ABV pale ale found on keg at The Black Sheep. The odd ingredient is what attracted me: Puja is a jasmine IPA.  Continue reading »

via Instagram http://ift.tt/1D6YvDc.  Continue reading »

Fish and chips…What a classic! There is nothing better than tucking into this combo especially after a long walk on the pier in my hometown of Howth, a little fishing village in Dublin. While eating this the classic way has nothing wrong with it, my version uses a delicious beer batter which results in the crispiest fish and I serve it with my baby hassleback potatoes instead of traditional chips!  Continue reading »

Ferment your future happiness

A post by Valerie O'Connor at Val's Kitchen

Food fermenting is an almost forgotten skill that is happily making a comeback into our diets. In Ireland we enjoyed a healthy, organic diet with naturally probiotic foods like buttermilk to give us good gut health.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


The drinking of anisette was accompanied by keima – a snack of snails, squid or fried bread, which were staples of the raucous bars of the lower Casbah and around the docks.
The cuisine developed into another badge of a unique French-Algerian identity, using local produce and borrowing freely from Arabic and Turkish dishes.  Continue reading »

When I was young one of our favourite Sunday drives was from our home in Wexford town to Hook Head. My three brothers and I would pile into the back of the car, all elbows and knees and arguments about who would have to sit “in the middle”. Released from the car we would race around the headland and clamber over the rocks as the fierce water surged, going as close to the edge as we dared while the gentle light house stood guard over us.  Continue reading »

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