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Amuse Bouche


In France…, there is a correct way to approach the cheese. Round ones, like chèvre or Saint-Felicien, are cut from the center like tiny pieces of pie. A triangular wedge of Brie or bleu must be cut from the side, into ever thinning slivers, and a large rectangular slab of Comté or Cantal should be approached from the inside edge, working towards the hardened croûte until it is roughly the length of your knife blade, in which case it should be sliced from the side.  Continue reading »

Carrot and Lentil Soup

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

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Comfort & Mash Part Deux

A post by sheila kiely at Gimme the recipe

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Aroi. Happy Birthday Boy!
Plus Tips on Cooking Asian.

Duck rolls

Aroi are celebrating twelve successful months serving Asian Street Food in Carey’s Lane. They have quite an extensive menu there. If you are not familiar with some of the Asian words, the staff will help you out and will also point out the spicy dishes (even these are marked with an “S” on the card). All mains cost a tenner and the sides a fiver or less.  Continue reading »

Weird Spain

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Or perhaps “Creative Spain” would have been a better title. Two beers from the east of the country today, both making use of out-of-the-ordinary ingredients.

You have to know how most of the world pronounces IPA to get the pun in Espiga’s Papr’IPA. It’s 7% ABV and I found it on tap in Alfie Byrne’s. The colour is a clear red, atypical for an IPA perhaps, but there’s no mistaking the paprika in the aroma, all smoky and earthy.  Continue reading »

QA Velenosi Visciole NV, 13.5%, 50cl, €18.95 Karwig Wines

I was introduced to this beauty by Betty Karwig a few weeks back but it didn't get serious until the other night when I sipped it for the very first time.

When I got close, there were sensual aromas, intense and rich. Then the deep ruby red passed my lips and all heaven broke loose, a gentle riot of sweet fruit flavours, captivating cherries, full bodied, fresh and so well balanced. I just sipped and sipped this intriguing stranger, new to Karwig’s and new to me too. Very Highly Recommended, by the way.

So where did this perfectly formed dessert wine come from. I’ll let the winery explain:
The basic ingredient for this cherry wine is an ancient variety of wild cherry, namely “visciola” (Prunus cerasus), which has a deep red colour and sour taste. Based on the traditional recipe, sour cherries are harvested when ripe, during the first weeks of July, and left to soak in sugar, partly whole and partly smashed; thus fermentation starts and slowly brings the juice to a delicate and aromatic syrup. This product is then decanted for a few days and finally filtered. The result is a syrup with a high sugar concentration, which is added to the wine starting a second fermentation. So wine and syrup are blended together. Fermentation is stopped when 14% alcohol by volume is achieved, with a residual sugar which makes this product more enjoyable.

Swing Low, Sweet Cherry

Sweet Captivating Italian

QA Velenosi Visciole NV, 13.5%, 50cl, €18.95 Karwig Wines

I was introduced to this beauty by Betty Karwig a few weeks back but it didn’t get serious until the other night when I sipped it for the very first time.

When I got close, there were sensual aromas, intense and rich.  Continue reading »

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AA Foodie of the Year Awarded to Gourmet Grazing

For the very first time, the AA added a Foodie of the Year category to their annual Hopsitality Awards and the winner was Niamh O Shaughnessy, better known on Twitter as Gourmet Grazing.The others on the shortlist were: 
Niamh Mannion
Rosanna McInerney
Caroline Hennessy
Aoife Ryan
Chef Adrian
Joanne Cronin
Billy Lyons
Patrick Hanlon & Russell Alford
Melanie May
Vanessa Greenwood

The major award of the pleasant function held last week in Dublin’s Westbury Hotel saw Powerscourt Hotel Resport Spa get the AA Hotel of the Year Award, taking over from the Maryborough.Other winners were:  AA Courtesy & Care Award: The Lodge at Castle Leslie, Glaslough, Co.  Continue reading »

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Taste of the WeekBlack Pudding with Teeling Whiskey by McCarthy’s of Kanturk

 The picture below shows most of the ingredients you need to make black pudding. Add water and blood and you have it. But if you want something extra, then add some special ingredients just like McCarthy’s of Kanturk did as they made this one (left), our Taste of the Week. As well as the blood and water, cream and some of the superb Teeling’s whiskey were mixed in.  Continue reading »

Even though the first day of autumn officially starts tomorrow, we still have a large crop of courgettes in the garden (the OH is disappointed they haven’t died off yet). So, I am back with yet another courgette (or zucchini) recipe this week. As the evenings are a little chillier, I decided to put them to good use in a hearty garlicky soup. For me, the best way to get flavor from a courgette is by roasting it in a hot oven with lots of garlic.  Continue reading »

These past few weeks while we all settle into the new school/pre-school routine I feel like I’m chasing my tail to keep up with blogging stuff, housework, family stuff, and meal planning. The one thing though that I do manage to do is shop on a budget thanks to the shopping tips research I do every week. I have nothing booked or planned until after the midterm so I hope to get a chance to blog, and vlog more frequently.
These special offers expire on Wednesday 30 September 2015.  Continue reading »

Lowering the veil

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I’ve written before about the inscrutable way Diageo conducts its beer business, with particular recent reference to the series of seemingly similar pale beers they’ve produced separately for different jurisdictions. Well, last week they joined up two of the dots and released Guinness Golden Ale in Ireland, having previously only made it available in the UK. And their PR folk sent me a bottle.  Continue reading »

Dunne & Crescenzi
The Friendly Italian

Tagliatelle con pancetta Tuscana

We were in the mood for Italian, food that is, in Dublin one night last week. We had Dunne & Crescenzi on our short list and a recommendation from Joanne (@dudara on Twitter), a Cork “exile” in Dublin for the past nine years or so, sent us off to South Frederick Street and a lovely meal.  Continue reading »

Blackberry & Apple Mess

A post by sheila kiely at Gimme the recipe

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Harvest Days in Waterford
Visiting the Viking City

Harvest Festival

Hadn’t been in Waterford in a while until we headed east for the recent Harvest Festival. Just ninety minutes after leaving Cork City we were parking in Bolton Street. It was the day before the festival started and we had decided to see some of the city, like any visitor.
First on the agenda was the much heralded Viking Triangle.  Continue reading »

Most of you know that I started out as a food blogger, writing recipe posts and taking pictures of the dishes I cooked when I first moved out of my parents house. My love of photography has continued to grow since then and I now count myself as a fully fledged photographer, having shot all of the images for my books and website ever since.  Continue reading »

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Culture Night

Paintings and Plates

Silvia of La Cocina

The Crawford Gallery was the first stop on Culture Night (18.09.15) with particular attention paid to two paintings. The first encountered featured Hugh Lawton, a direct ancestor of current Bordeaux negociant Pierre Lawton, who was Mayor of Cork City in 1776, and his enormous portrait hangs above the main staircase in the Crawford.  Continue reading »