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Amuse Bouche


Her staunch friend had thought of everything. Nothing like a good meal to face up to death. In their infinite wisdom, both French and Italian traditions prescribe a feast after a funeral. Even more reason for one after an assassination. So he takes her for dinner to the best local eatery. Sébillon, famed for its leg of lamb.

from Escape by Dominique Manotti (2013).  Continue reading »

Carving with Confidence

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

There's a long running joke in our house that my Mum could make a whole chicken feed two people, possibly three at a push,  because of her less than stellar carving skills.  I digress.  Poulet Bonne Femme owners Gavin & Sara have realised that there's loads of people who couldn't carve a roast to save their life so they've launched a programme of carving masterclasses at Salt Cafe, Avoca, Monkstown, Co. Dublin.

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I’ve been making variations of these pancakes for years and the basic batter can be adapted with addition of all sorts of ingredients such as nuts, seeds, chocolate and berries. Store-bought oat flour can be used here, but I normally blitz up oats in a food processor until they are fine consistency.  Continue reading »

Last Summer we packed our backpacks and went on an adventure with the two smaller boys (the teen elected to stay behind). Travelling on a budget with kids is actually easier than you would think, providing you stick to some of our tried and tested tips!
Research, research, research.
Use Trip Advisor, online chat forums, and/or ask friends and families to see what they would recommend. However, I’m sticking a caveat in here! Be wary of some online reviews.  Continue reading »

With the harvest in, I spoke with some organic tillage farmers about their crop yield and quality, as well as the price they get paid for it. As it happens, some of the beef producers had something to say too.

Kitty Colchester of Second Nature Oils, in Urlingford

Ben Colchester in Urlingford, Kilkenny: “We were happy with our harvest.  Continue reading »

Koko Chocolate KinsaleFrank’s Answer to Recession

So there you are, after the recession and wiped out. Not the time for a knee jerk reaction. Count to ten, maybe. Well Frank Keane’s count to ten took him eight months and his decision took him from shock to choc!

For twenty one years before the recession left him high (low, maybe) and dry, Frank had dealt in collectable ceramics in Kinsale, in the same premises where he now makes Koko chocolates.  Continue reading »

Making pasta from scratch might seem like a whole lot of fuss but I can’t encourage you enough to give it a go! It’s not as hard as you might think and you only need a handful of ingredients. Ravioli is a great place to start if you’ve never made pasta before as it can be filled with a host of fillings and ingredients.

I’ve filled mine with roasted pumpkin and ricotta which is a match made in heaven!  Continue reading »

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A farewell to Borefts

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

My last Borefts post looks at the British and German offerings, and one Spaniard.
Alien Claw by Naparbier is no stranger to the taps of Dublin but I’d always missed it so when it showed up, unbilled, on the brewery’s bar at Borefts I jumped on it. It’s a Belgian-style IPA, a beer type which I like the idea of but is rarely done to my satisfaction: Troubadour Magma and Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch being very notable exceptions.  Continue reading »

Escape to Italy

A post by sheila kiely at Gimme the recipe

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Noble Grape Sauvignon Blanc
Graham Norton in on the act!And Cono Sur’s Silencio best in Chile.

Sauvignon blanc is one of the best known and best loved grapes on the planet. The Loire Valley is regarded as its heartland but it thrives too in New Zealand, especially in Marlborough, and in Chile and indeed in many other places around the world.

And it is to New Zealand that West Cork born Graham Norton went to try his hand at making a bottle.  Continue reading »

Whenever I want an easy lunch I always make double quantities for dinner the night before. What easier way to make up a lunch than to grab out a tray of prepared roasted vegetables and my lunch is ready in minutes. Why not try making this bulgur salad with roasted vegetables?
It’s never a hardship to prepare extra vegetables when I’m in a food preparation groove at the sink.  Continue reading »

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Where will we put the guests?

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

There was a bit of an odd arrangement with regard to the American beers at Borefts this year, where one brewer had a standalone stall as part of the main festival in the De Molen brewery yard while up at the windmill a selection of other US beers were pouring from the restaurant’s own taps. It’s presumably something to do with the windmill restaurant being leased out to a third party these days.  Continue reading »

Halloween & My Barmbrack Recipe

A post by noreply@blogger.com (Zack Gallagher) at Irish Food Guide Blog

Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, is one of those true Celtic traditions that has become a world-wide celebrated occasion. Historically, it is based on the Celtic festival of Samhain which is derived from Old Irish and means roughly “summer’s end”.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week. Nettle Pesto

This is a superfood according to Fiona Falconer on the Wild About Website. Maybe so, but in any case it sure tastes good. Smeared it over a piece of hake (from Ballycotton Seafood in the English Market) and it certainly enhanced the experience. Our latest Taste of the Week, bought in the market during the recent Dingle Food Festival, is a versatile little gem and may also be used on chicken, lamb, veggies and pasta.  Continue reading »

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Northern delights

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Among the beers I was most looking forward to sampling at Borefts 2015 were those of Swedish gypsy brewer Omnipollo. I’ve enjoyed several of the collaborations they’ve done with others and they have a very good reputation among the crafterati.  Continue reading »