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So how did you get on over the weekend with shopping deals? Did you get any bargains? I have to say I got a few but not loads, not as many as last year. Still I’m slowly ticking items off my Christmas list, and it feels very gratifying. The whiteboard calendar has been moved forward a few more weeks and I can now see the beginning of January.
In case you missed it, late last week I finally got my cast off.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Con’s Irish Cider

If you haven’t tasted real Irish cider before, you’re in for a treat. This is packed with flavour and it just waiting to get out of the bottle and impress. Your palate will initially be overwhelmed – after all, 85% (maybe more) of the content is apple. You soon get used to it and begin to enjoy the genuine taste of an Irish orchard.  Continue reading »

Visit Terriors and taste NASH 19 Aged Plum Puddings

All of our Christmas expectations are shaped by family traditions and our Christmas culinary expectations are no exception. At Nash 19 when we say ‘traditional’ we mean recipes and produce we have created and improved and you have established as firm favourites.

Christmas Hampers full of soggy foam fillers, strings of empty padding and shocking baskets inspired us to introduce our Christmas Hampers some years ago.  Continue reading »

A classic roast chicken is a firm favourite in our house but it’s nice to mix things up every now and then. This easy chicken tray-bake is simple to prepare and can be made in advance, making it perfect for entertaining. I like to serve it with roasted vegetables but a side salad or even creamy mashed potato would be a great addition.  Continue reading »

Two nights at The Headline

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Dublin’s premier destination for beer Irish beer launches™, 57 The Headline, staged special nights for two breweries on consecutive Thursdays recently. Both involved beers I’d never had before so of course I was in attendance.
The first tap takeover was by Rye River, bringing a bunch of the specials it had at the Irish Craft Beer Festival last August, plus a couple of new regulars. I’d missed the Keeping Ale at the festival and it was presented here in oak-aged form.  Continue reading »

SuperValu Glanmire Christmas Fair

Such an enjoyable evening!


Congratulations to Liam Ryan’s SuperValu Glanmire who put on a tremendous Christmas Fair last Thursday night. Lots to eat and drink, Chef Kevin Dundon demoing too, and a terrific friendly atmosphere and a good cause (three local charities supported).  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


For breakfast, all the representatives had jook, a Korean dish, which was somewhat like porridge but with meat and diced turnip in the rice. The word jook, I thought, must be derived from the Chinese word zhou, which means porridge. Every one of us was served a full bowl of it, and a plate of kimchee sat in the center of each table… The Koreans couldn’t live without kimchee…..  Continue reading »

This is an exceptionally long post of interest to those in the organic sector. Its contains much of the proceedings from a pair of  Oireachtas joint committee on Organic Farming.
It starts with the Organic Farmers Representative Body (OFRB) presentign their case, and concludes with Paul Dillon and others form the Department responding. The Cert bodies were contacted by myself about a response but declined.  Continue reading »

Fabulous Gifts for Frequent Flyers

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

I'll be honest with you, I'm dotty about The Dotty Lemon.  It's a small Irish online business selling the cutest gifts you never knew you needed until you saw them.  Established by Cork native Aisling Power, it sells a range of jewellery, stationery, storage and gifts to suit all price points.  It's also the perfect store to find a Secret Santa gift for a colleague or friend.
Read more ».  Continue reading »

It all started with a stray comment down the back of a cookery demonstration. As I talked whispered Diarmuid McIntyre, of Grey Heron Media and the HearSay….  Continue reading »

This is a warm and comforting supper that doesn’t take too much time to prepare. You can serve it with either herby cous cous or a simply dressed green salad.  Continue reading »

Three years later…

A post by Cuisine Genie at Cuisine Genie

This article originally appeared in the Irish Times on 25th November 2015.

My days were once consumed with emails, appointments, spreadsheets and procedures. My wardrobe was a formation of pressed suits in dark shades blending into one another, with perfectly matching heels below them in their boxes. Obsessed with having flawless and manicured nails, I’d repaint them when I detected the slightest chip.  Continue reading »

Salmon sushi

Grabbed my opportunity to return to Miyazaki, Cork’s amazing Japanese Take Away, when in the Barrack Street area during the week. Open since March, it is located at the junction of Evergreen Street and Barrack Street.

Enjoyed a salmon dish during the previous visit http://www.corkbilly.com/2015/11/miyazaki-japanese-take-away-on-corner.html so this time I picked something different: Miso Butter Tonkotsu Ramen (Miso Butter Tonkotsu, pork stock noodles with corn and chashu). And there was a little extra, a Nitamago simmered egg. Quite a special dish indeed, full of flavour and appropriately warm for a cold November day.

Return to Miyazaki
Umami by the spoonful

Salmon sushi

Grabbed my opportunity to return to Miyazaki, Cork’s amazing Japanese Take Away, when in the Barrack Street area during the week. Open since March, it is located at the junction of Evergreen Street and Barrack Street.  Continue reading »

A few days in beertown

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I left you last time in Moeder Lambic Fontainas, Brussels’s ticker heaven. The other beer I had there before moving on to the cask Cantillon lambic, was L’Amer des Moeders, brewed for the house by Jandrain-Jandrenouille. It’s a golden ale of an approachable 5% ABV, pale and slightly hazy with a sugary perfumed nose. This resolves on tasting into a weighty Belgian blonde with spicy jasmine up front and quite a dry finish.  Continue reading »

On Sunday afternoon, we joined Grandad on an adventure down to the wood to check on the honeybees. We had very little honey this harvest, so he is keeping a very close eye on the little buzzers. When we arrived, I was surprised by all the holly berries already on the trees, although the last few years when I’ve gone down in December to harvest bits for our annual girly DIY foraged wreath party, the berries had all been eaten by the birds. I suppose the wood is their home after all.  Continue reading »

California Cheering
Star Reds: Predator and Rhiannon

Rutherford Wines Predator Old Vine Zinfandel 2013, 14%, €25.99 (Stockists: independents including D6 Wines, Donnybrook Fair, Clontarf Wines, Matsons Cork & Bandon, Ardkeen Waterford.)

The cup that cheers comes from the California, not quite from the West Coast but from inland Lodi, known locally as the Capital of Zinfandel mainly because there are some two thousand acres of Zinfandel old vine planted here.  Continue reading »

Chocolate Trifle with Baileys

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

A.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week

St Gall Cheese

Fermoy Natural Cheese Company is a small family farm run by Frank and Gudrun Shinnick. The farm uses raw milk from their Friesian cows to produce several varieties of cheeses, yogurt, kefir, labneh, and raw milk. Gudrun learned her cheesemaking skills in her native Germany and later in Switzerland.

St Gall, it is said, was an Irish monk who brought cheese-making skills to Appenzell in Switzerland.  Continue reading »

While we don’t necessarily celebrate Thanksgiving here in Ireland, a day that is filled with delicious food and gratitude for all that you have in life is definitely something I can get on board with! I have pulled together some of my favourite Thanksgiving friendly recipes below which are perfect for sharing with friends and family whether you’ll be celebrating on the 26th or not.  Continue reading »

Twinkle was my choice; my brother went for The Beano. Our weekly comics were on order at McCarthy’s Hardware, situated right in the middle of Main Street, Kilfinane. It….  Continue reading »