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The smartphone revolution has totally changed over time, less
service providers, no mobile internet, no unlimited calls and text,
however the only thing
you may have been worried about is overage costs for talk minutes,
nowadays the only biggest factor that can cause a huge data bill is data
Even though you can still save a good deal of dollars by buying a
prepaid smartphone,.  Continue reading »

Twelve Great Food Days 2015
One Day’s Eating or Drinking or Both each Month!

Charcuterie by Krawczyk

January: Elbow Lane Brew & Smoke House. Nano.  But with a mega tasty punch!.

February: Midleton Distillery Tour. Happy Angels Hover Over 1.2m Casks

Deep in Midleton distillery

March: Kinsale’s Latest Bastion of Culinary Excellence

April: From Power With Love. A Persian Dinner. Gorgeous. Generous

Highbank blossoms

May: Highbank Organic Orchards.  Continue reading »

Thank You

A post by Caitriona Redmond at Caitriona Redmond – Wholesome Ireland

In 2015 I (in no particular order):
Recorded some awesome radio with The Sodshow, including special editions from Bloom 2015 in the Phoenix Park. Also I was the Executive Producer for some live sessions from Bloom Fringe in The Powerscourt Townhouse Centre. Something I will always be proud of.
Was invited to do two live cookery demonstrations at Taste of Dublin by Glenisk.
Chaired two judging panels at the Irish Quality Food Awards 2015.  Continue reading »

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas and that you all enjoyed some damn fine food and drink over the festive period. For those of you who aren’t planning a dry January, here are details of two upcoming wine events, featuring the wines of Australia and New Zealand. And even if you are planning a dry January, surely you can allow yourself a little wine?

New Zealand Wine Fair

When: Thursday, January 21st between 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm.  Continue reading »

Three Fine Bubbles
To Ring in the New YearChampagne can be expensive, sometimes very expensive indeed. But there are some excellent alternatives out there at more attractive prices. And I’m not talking Cava or Prosecco here. The three below come from France, Germany and England. And one, the Saint Hilaire, was being made a hundred years before champagne and indeed I’ve read that Dom Perignon may well have learned a trick or two here. Don’t know how much truth is in that one.  Continue reading »

Gold and brown

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

And just like that the year was over and it was time to hand out the Golden Pint Awards for 2015. This is the seventh year that bloggers have been invited by Andy Mogg (and formerly Mark Dredge) to nominate the best of the year’s beers, and beer-related artefacts and activities: if you’re interested in what I’ve had to say in previous years, you can find them here for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
15 Fields Cheese

Our Taste of the Week is the 15 Fields mature cheddar cheese. It is a cooperative effort between Eamonn Lonergan of Knockanore Cheese and Sheridan’s. The name refers to the fifteen fields of Eamonn’s West Waterford farm. The cheese is produced from “great raw milk” in Knockanore and is then transferred to the maturing room in the Sheridan’s warehouse in Meath.  Continue reading »

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Next year’s beers

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Chef Kevin Dundon and Head Brewer Kieran Bird

At the beginning of November I wrote of being charmed by the King’s Bay beers from Arthurstown Brewing Company. The brewery’s official launch happened a few weeks later with sequential events in Wexford and Dublin hosted by the brewery’s co-owner and frontman Kevin Dundon.  Continue reading »

Star Anise
Parfait. Toujours.

Our last lunch before Christmas was perfect. It was in Star Anise which was very busy on Christmas Eve. But still time for the warmest of welcomes, the most engaging service and a meal that was impeccable and then too time taken to say goodbye and exchange Christmas greetings. Parfait. Toujours.  Continue reading »

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Brace yourself!

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Christmas is nearly here and if you haven’t already shut yourself in for the festivities to come, there’s still time to get some last minute supplies in. If you’re seeking beer inspiration, here’s a bumper holiday round-up of some recent releases from Ireland’s micros.
You’ll need to go to the pub for the new one from Rascal’s: they’ve recently launched three of their beers in cans but Flamin’ Red double IPA isn’t one of them.  Continue reading »

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Christmas is…

A post by Sharon at Foodie Fancies

(a) A time of family harmony and togetherness(b) A source of stress and pressure(c) An opportunity to make and devour delicious food(d) A struggle to cover the cost of gifts and the price of the aforementioned feast and/or to find the time to get everything ready in time.  Continue reading »

The Amuse Bouche CollectionA Little Lit-Fest

Many moons back, I started slotting an Amuse Bouche into the blog at weekends. My Amuse Bouche is a short food related (sometimes rather weakly related!) paragraph or passage taken from a book that I am currently reading. It has proven quite popular, surprisingly so. 

What follows is the collection of many of the #amusebouche that have appeared here over the past few years.  Continue reading »

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