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Taste of the Week

Killeen Cheese

Bought some Killeen goat milk cheese at On the Pig’s Back recently and it is a gem. Made in the Gouda style by Dutch-born Marion Roeleveld in Ballinasloe, the recently published Sheridans Guide to Cheese has praised it to the rafters of the dairy: “The Gouda-making technique works very well with goats’ milk and Marion produces the best we have ever tasted.” High praise indeed for our Taste of the Week.  Continue reading »

Today being the last Monday before Christmas this is a special edition shopping tips containing all the classic ingredients for an Irish Christmas Dinner. Don’t forget you’re not tied into shopping in only one supermarket. I highly recommend you mix and match the best of the offers if you have the time to visit more than one store.
This is the last shopping tips update of 2015 so I can shut the office and spend some extra time with my family.  Continue reading »

Tiny rebels

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Work threw up a quick day’s work in Cork last month and, emerging into the twilight afterwards, my first stop was at the Rising Sons brewpub to see if they had anything new for me. Turns out they did. In fairness it had been a whole half year since my last visit, though I wasn’t quite expecting to see two summer seasonals still on tap.
I salute the bravery that went into the decision to make one of them a stout.  Continue reading »

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Nash 19
Meet the Producers, on a Plate

I met some of the top local producers, all in the space of a few minutes, last Wednesday. Not personally, of course. But they were all represented on my plate.

Nash 19, a lovely buzzy daytime restaurant in the heart of Cork City, has a regular Producers Plate on its lunch-time menu. I didn’t have it with a while and, as it changes from time to time, decided it was time to get re-acquainted.  Continue reading »

Fresh cranberries, those gloriously red, bouncy berries – ever dropped an open pack on a tiled kitchen floor? – are now synonymous with Christmas, but it wasn’t always….  Continue reading »

Christmas 2015

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

A.  Continue reading »

First published in the Irish Examiner on Saturday 6 December, 2014. By Caroline Hennessy and Kristin Jensen. Wine gets a lot of press in the….  Continue reading »

Semele. Wine with a Smile.
A Christmas Glass.

Semele Crianza 2013 Ribera del Duero (DO), 14%, Karwig Wines

The simple illustration on the front label, with a glass being lifted towards a smiling face, suggests this Spanish wine brings a good feeling. It certainly does, both inside and out. And a good way too to remember Joe Karwig as this was the last wine that the maestro bought.  Continue reading »

Cider isn’t just for summer, and you might be surprised by how many foods can be paired with it. A good rule of thumb is that if a certain dish or food goes well with white wine, then chances are it will also pair nicely with a cider too. A classic cider also has body, tannin and acidity, just like red wine. Plus the carbonation in cider helps to lighten up a meal, which will never be more appreciated than at a big Christmas spread.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


On Christmas Eve, the Hugels gathered together in Riquewihr as they always did, but it was a sombre affair. In previous years, the house had always been decorated, everyone exchanged gifts and then sat down to a sumptuous dinner that included some wonderful wines. But not this year. No one was in the mood. Everyone feared this would be their last Christmas as French citizens….
from Wine & War by Don & Petie Kladstrup (2001).  Continue reading »

Best Mulled Wine

A post by Nollaig B at Fascination Food

I’m back! With a little festive cheer in the form of one of the tastiest Christmas tipples. Some might say it’s an acquired taste, but to me its taste, aroma, appearance…everything about mulled wine = CHRISTMAS! I would strongly recommend serving a hot glass with a mince pie or two. Our family tradition is to enjoy our mulled wine mid-morning (after mass) on Christmas Day and it just gives you that cozy hug you need to kick off a special, chilled out family day.  Continue reading »

Cauliflower Puree

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

A.  Continue reading »

Sibling rivalry

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

The lovely people who do PR for Aldi invited me to their Christmas drinks preview event thingy last month, which involved showing up to the swish function rooms at Fire on Dawson Street and wandering round with your Tom Doorleys, your John Wilsons and your Ross Golden-Bannons, sampling all the wines (46 of them) they’re promoting for the upcoming drinking season. The beer offer was relegated to a side room with the port and dessert wine.  Continue reading »

Waterford Distillery – Part I

A post by David Havelin at Liquid Irish

The first promotional video from the brand new Waterford Distillery is called The Facilitator. The name evokes the potential of their fancy, pre-owned brewing kit, as well as something of the looming character of the once mothballed site.
They could have named it The Palimpsest. Like a mediaeval parchment scraped clean to be written on again, Waterford Distillery is layered atop a defunct brewery, which itself was preceded by another brewery, and so on back to 1792.  Continue reading »

Late Christmas Wine Double
One Red, One White
Guy Saget Pouilly Fumé 2014 (France), 12.5%, SuperValu Christmas €14.00 (down from 22.99).

Pouilly Fumé is an AOC area by the Loire River and Guy Saget is a leading producer. The grape here in this wine is 100% Sauvignon Blanc and it has been aged for five months on the lees. You may read all about this well-known AOC here.

This has a nice straw/gold colour with aromas of white fruit including notes of citrus.  Continue reading »

Top Tipples for Christmas

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

It's the last payday before Christmas for most of us salaried people on Friday and I love to encourage people to support the retail economy.  It's also just over a week to go until the food and drink fest that is Christmas Day, so that means stocking up on lovely things to nibble on and some divine wines to accompany them.  Continue reading »

Quelle Fromage!

Bradley’s Cheese Board

It’s late in the evening and you are supposed to have the cheese board under control. You had this one job and blew it! Maybe not. In a flash of inspiration, you remember that Bradley’s in North Main Street (Cork) are open when the cheese specialists are closed. And, to make it even better, Bradley’s have quite a selection, including Watermelon Rind Pickle (by Passion Preserves) that you won’t find everywhere!  Continue reading »

More than a couple of years ago I lost my voice.
Not that I lost the ability to speak, or express myself. More I lost my singing voice. Music was a massive part of my life when I was younger. I actually thought at one stage that I might study voice fulltime; I trained hard, I sang professionally at a few weddings, I also sang with some award-winning choirs, recorded some albums with them (with a solo too).
I’m not comfortable explaining exactly why or how I lost my voice.  Continue reading »