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Saturday is Cabernet Day

Cabernet Sauvignon accounts for nearly 65% of the vines planted in the Margaux appellation. “It gives wine structure, bouquet, and a potential to age.”

The related Cabernets, Franc and Sauvignon, celebrate their day this coming Saturday (September 3rd).

Cabernet Sauvignon is the most famous red wine grape. It is highly adaptable, will grow in different climates and soils.  Continue reading »

…and we’re back!

A post by sheila kiely at Gimme the recipe

.  Continue reading »

The EAT Waterford Taste Experience was a highlight of the Harvest Festival last year and is back. 

EAT Waterford at Harvest Festival 2016
A fusion of taste offered by eight Waterford restaurants
Following on from the success of last year’s debut at Waterford Harvest Festival, the EAT Waterford Taste Experience is back for 2016. 

As part of the three day, jam packed food festival (September 9th to 11th), the EAT Waterford Taste experience, a collaboration between eight local restaurants, will create a five course taste extravaganza, served in one of Waterford’s finest cultural hubs, Greyfriars Church, in the Viking Triangle.  Continue reading »

Airfield’s Festival of Food

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Airfield Estate is hidden away in a corner of south Dublin, just a few minutes from the busy Dundrum Shopping Centre. You may have driven by the gates many times without realising what was within – a 38 acre working urban farm, cafe, gardens and heritage experience. Established over 40 years ago in 1974 by the Overend family, Airfield offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience food, farming and nature, just steps from the Luas.  Continue reading »

Lagered up

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

It’s possible we’re in a bit of a golden age (wahey! puns!) for Irish lager. There are a lot of good ones around at the moment and brewers seem less afraid of adding them to the roster. This post is about the most recent ones to cross my path.
The first is by O Brother who so far in their short life have given us a Sinner, a Chancer, a Dreamer and a Fixer. The newest in the sequence of archetype beers is The Wanderer, described on the badge as a dry hopped pilsner at 5% ABV.  Continue reading »

Castle, Crafts and Super FoodA Taste of Donegal Day 2

Le Fournil

It is late evening in Donegal town, the tide is out and the crows have wheeled away en masse to their night perches. The marquees in the food village are quiet, the stallholders taking a well deserved break. But it’s entirely quiet! A few pink shirted ladies, with Mary right there in the middle, are hard at work near the entrance, sweeping up and making sure everything is ready for the Sunday.  Continue reading »

The use (or misuse) of the English language to promote food provenance makes it hard to choose. Is that chicken ‘barn raised’ or ‘free range’? Why is my pork not ‘Dry Aged’? Where is the Local of ‘Locally Produced’? What does ‘Natural’ mean? Do you really want my beef to be ‘Grain Finished’?… What do all these terms mean? Do they mean anything?
So, when my butcher friend James Lawlor told me that I had to try some Belted Galloway, I was intrigued.  Continue reading »

Food Festival and Amazing Cliffs
Donegal Day 1

The cliffs

Early last Friday – well, about 8.00am,- we leave Cork on a five hour spin to Donegal, an uncertain forecast on the horizon. The trip, via Gort and Tuam, goes well and we land in Donegal at 1.00pm, on schedule. Just touchdown though as the weather is pretty good and we decide to continue to Slieve League, the highest cliffs in Ireland and less than an hour west of Donegal.  Continue reading »

In a barbie world

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Now a regular feature on the beer calendar, The Big Grill barbecue festival took over Herbert Park in mid-August once again. And, once again there was a fantastic range of Irish beers available with a lot more new offerings than I was expecting. Nothing for it but to knuckle down and get stuck in.
I made my first port-of-call to the Eight Degrees stand, because they have a new Kölsch-a-like, a 4.5% ABV one called Going Out Out.  Continue reading »

Afternoon Tea at the Kingsley Hotel

The Sweet Top

We arrive at the K Lounge in the Kingsley Hotel just as a busy lunch service is starting to wind down. But we are far from the first arrivals for their “classic Afternoon Tea”.

A little bit of luck has brought us here. Back at the Cork Summer Show, we bought a lovely snack at the Kingsley stand and filled up a coupon and that very coupon was the lucky one, earning the two of us this gorgeous and rather well balanced treat.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Billy Lyons at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

“I just don’t feel like cooking tonight.”
“Cooking? Are you serious? I’ve already taken care of everything, my love. Just wait, it’s delicious! Fettucine with mushrooms, and cream, and lemon chicken scaloppini. I got a bottle of red, too, an Aglianico, the kind you like.  Continue reading »

Apricot Frangipane Tart

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

I know, I know… enough with the stone fruits and almonds.  Yes, I'm guilty of creating as many variations of the classic frangipane tart as possible but they're all so delicious and really easy to make.  They look really impressive too, so it's the perfect dessert at any time of year.  With stone fruit in season, it's very hard not to make the most of them.  And I promise, this is the last one I'll bring you for ages.  Continue reading »

The post Read: Fabulous fictional food – Part 2 appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

The Blás Restaurant, at The Gateway Lodge in Donegal Town, offers a modern new Taste of Donegal.  In 2015, Seamus Quinn from Donegal Town, the successful owner of Quinn Construction in London, purchased an historic building, in a great location, in Donegal Town.  Continue reading »

A Superb French Chardonnay.
And Meet Karwig’s Italians

Château Martinolles Chardonnay Limoux (AOC) 2014, 13.5%, €19.65 Karwig Wines
A superb wine from an intriguing historical Languedoc area. The Saint-Hilaire monastery actually used to adjoin the property, and it was there in 1531, that the method for making sparkling wines was discovered.  Continue reading »

Congrats to Bradley’s!Winners of Lord Mayor’s inaugural Family Business Award

Michael Creedon, owner of Bradley’s Specialist Off-Licence & Foodstore, is delighted to announce that they are to receive the Lord Mayor’s inaugural Family Business Award. The event will take place this evening, Thurs 25th Aug, at Cork City Hall from 6pm.

Bradley’s has been trading on Cork’s iconic North Main St. for over 165yrs, since 1850.  Continue reading »

Simply the dogs

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

We’re not quite done with my trip to northern England last month. I also got to tick off three of BrewDog’s pubs, in Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester, and I thought they would fit together more thematically in an awesomely iconoclastically awesome post of their own. But before I even get to that, a prelude pup I happened across before I left Dublin.
Against the Grain hosted a BrewDog tap-takeover earlier in the summer.  Continue reading »

It’s always nice to have a seafood restaurant actually located near, you know, the sea! Talk about a novel concept but seafood always seems nicer when it’s eaten within a hop, skip and jump of the sea. New restaurant Fishbone is located on Dublin’s lengthy, sea-hugging Clontarf Road, just opposite the Dollymount Wooden Bridge.  Continue reading »

It’s always nice to have a seafood restaurant actually located near, you know, the sea! Talk about a novel concept but seafood always seems nicer when it’s eaten within a hop, skip and jump of the sea. New restaurant Fishbone is located on Dublin’s lengthy, sea-hugging Clontarf Road, just opposite the Dollymount Wooden Bridge.  Continue reading »

Terzetto and Gentil
Blends from Australia & Alsace

Today, we have two blends for you, one of three Italian grapes, not from Italy but from the McLaren Vale in Australia, the other a more formal blend of white grapes, known as Gentil, from the Alsace. Both wines are excellent, each Highly Recommended. As you might expect, the alcohol in the Australian is much higher, 14.5% as against a moderate 12%.  Continue reading »