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Spice Night at Isaac’sTaste Tingling Tuesday

DIY!  Continue reading »

New lager for old

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Back in the spring I read with interest on a number of sources about a project Carlsberg were doing to recreate an old recipe from their archives.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Kerala Buffalo Curry

When staying in a French town, I found there were two essentials that had to be located immediately. One was the Tourist Office and the other was the local traiteur.

The latter was a source of top notch prepared or semi-prepared dishes. And so I was delighted to see a notice in O’Mahony’s Butchers in the English Market quietly proclaiming that they had Kerala Buffalo Curry on offer.

And not alone that.  Continue reading »

…but, not quite. No, I thought I had done all I needed to do but, I have a bit to learn just yet.  Let me give you a little back story. I had been glued to the computer for a long morning’s work. When I looked up, it was nearly 2:00 PM and I had a growing headache. Hunger had come, been ignored and gone away.  Continue reading »

Excuse me while I dust off the keyboard this Monday. It is nearly Hallowe’en season after all so now is as good a time as any to resurrect the shopping tips! This week there are great deals to be had on staples for the freezer. Remember your freezer is one of the best allies you will have when trying to feed your family on a budget. Think of it as a ‘pause button’ for food.  Continue reading »

Dingle Diary. Blas and the Festival

The Supreme Champion

Massive crowds attended the Dingle Food Festival (1st and 2nd ofOctober) but it was much quieter in the town when I arrived on the previous Thursday morning, just one of the dozens of judges gathering in the Skellig Dingle for the Blas 2016 judging.  Continue reading »

Hello from the other side

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Normality and routine returns today after three weeks on holiday from the daily grind. I spent most of it bimbling around the USA but you’ll have to wait a few weeks while I sort my stack of beer notes into semi-coherent blog posts if you want to find out what I drank there.  Continue reading »

I recently put together a listing of all upcoming wine events, featuring many “Meet the Makers” type tastings, which are a great way to try out lots of new wines and meet the people that make them. I was delighted to be contacted by one of the featured wine merchants, JN Wine, who generously offered me some tickets to give away to two of my readers!

JN Wine will hold their annual Portfolio tasting in the Merrion Hotel, Dublin on November 11th, and tickets cost €20.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Cork Billy at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

She improvised bandages and covered the wound with a makeshift compress. Then she poured the coffee and handed him a sandwich.
“I’m not really hungry,” he said.
“I don’t give a damn if you’re hungry. Just eat,” Salander commanded, taking a big bite of her own cheese sandwich.
Blomkvist closed his eyes for a moment, then he sat up and took a bite. His throat hurt so much he could barely swallow.

 from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson (2005).  Continue reading »

If Any Beer Can, Franciscan Well Can!
Ireland’s favourite craft beer now available in can

During last weekend’s Dingle Food Festival, I called into the craft beer tent, at the back of Geaney's Bar in Main Street, last Saturday afternoon and was immediately at home as the first stall was that of the Franciscan Well. They were showing their new cans, three of my favourite beers all wrapped up and looking good and shiny.

In Ireland, we’re very fortunate to have potato growers, on our doorstep, who are passionate about producing the best of potatoes for our dinner table. Potatoes have always been immersed as a part of our history and this long standing merit should be celebrated. When better to honor our potatoes, and the people behind them, than on National Potato Day, which happens to be taking place today, October 7th.  Continue reading »

It’s National Potato Day in Ireland today and when I was asked to develop a new recipe especially for the celebration I found it hard to say no. If you ask me, everyday is a potato day! There’s a reason why I don’t grow potatoes at the allotment. I certainly could if I wanted to, it’s just that we have so many fantastic local potato producers close to home that I prefer to support them instead.  Continue reading »

Review: The Whiskeys of Ireland
by Peter Mulryan


“Whiskey. Irish for droplets of pure pleasure.” WB Yeats.

You’ll find tour guides in the many new Irish distilleries telling you that whiskey is a corruption of the Gaelic Uisce Beatha (water of life). No need to believe those novices!  Continue reading »

Who you calling a homophone?

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Our host for the October Session is Derek from Ramblings of a Beer Runner and the topic he has chosen is gose, the native beer style of Leipzig. This light wheat beer, typically brewed with coriander and salt, survived near-extinction and has gone on to become one of the world’s most fashionable styles among the crafterati.  Continue reading »

Down Under with O’Brien’s
Advice: Watch those sales!

I always try and keep an eye out for the regular sales at O’Brien’s Wines. Some are quite short-lived. That was the case with their Australian & New Zealand one. But I did make that and bought these two, the Penfolds at 16.76, the D’Arenberg at 15.96. A decent saving and very decent wines indeed. I should follow my own advice more often!  Continue reading »

Cooking for happiness

A post by Cuisine Genie at Cuisine Genie

I have been trying to write this piece for a very long time and put into words why cooking fills a need within me. Since this article was published in the Irish Times in September I have been overwhelmed by the number of messages and emails from people telling me that they understood this feeling too. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I loved writing it.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Aran Islands Goats Cheese

Gabriel in Donegal

I found this Taste of the Week at A Taste of Donegal where Gabriel (you might know him, as he also does bus tours on Inis Mor, the largest of the islands) had a stand and was handing out samples of his Aran Islands Goats Cheese.

I tasted three in all: the soft cheese, the same soft cheese with Dillisk added, and a Greek Style cheese (not unlike Feta). Each was delicious and I came away with a container of each.  Continue reading »

Running on fumes

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

A random pick from the back of the beer fridge: La Fumette by Belgian brewery MilleVertus. It’s an ambrée, which is a style that I don’t recall ever liking an example of, but the bonus is it’s fumée as well. Plus it’s 6.5% ABV, which is higher than usual, I think. That’s got to be good.
Though bottle conditioned the sediment stayed stuck to the bottom and I got a clear glassful of something definitely amber.  Continue reading »

Simply put, the Irish Cocktail Festival is a celebration of cocktails made with Irish spirits. It runs from October 10th - 15th, with venues from across the 32 counties of Ireland showcasing their specially crafted, Irish cocktail. A full listing of all venues, their cocktails and special offers is available on the Great Irish Beverages website. Participants will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite cocktail using the hashtag #BestIrishCocktail on Twitter or Facebook.

In addition to the venues, there will be several special pop-ups taking place as part of the 2016 Irish Cocktail Fest. 

On October 6th, join Dave Mulligan of Bán Poitín for a look into the history of poitín and the events that defined our "Notorious Irish Spirit". Dave will talk through the difficulties of starting a poitín brand, the struggle of changing people's views and the worldwide future of our national spirit. Cocktails will be provided on arrival, paired throughout the event with tasty bar snacks provided by the Charlotte Quay kitchen. Tickets cost €23.99 and are available from Eventbrite.

Traditional favourite soft drinks Club & Cidona will host a Club & Cidona Irish Cocktail Pop-Up between October 12th - 14th at the Jar pub on Wexford Street, Dublin