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Did I ever tell you the story of the crate of bananas? Well actually it was two crates of bananas, but what’s a couple of hundred ripe bananas between friends, eh?
Trips to the slaughterhouse happen twice a year, and they are normally 3 days apart. In Ireland the slaughterhouse can have a food market to one side where some meat and other produce is sold on the premises. It’s often sold at wholesale prices. This is where we get our beef in bulk; it’s all in large cuts.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Skeaghanore Hot Oak Smoked Chicken Crown

Skeaghanore has long been associated with duck and now this new fabulous chicken product (not up on their website yet) is our Taste of the Week.

The smoking has been very nicely judged and the overall flavour is brilliant; texture is spot-on too, lovely and tender, even juicy. Eat it with a salad or with pasta. And, besides you get a lot of bang for your buck. It is a rich and succulent food and very good value as well.  Continue reading »

Americans, you have lost your way. Dark forces have taken over your once great land. The US of A has fallen foul of deception and now operates to low, low standards. This is not an alternative fact. This is reality and you had better get used to it. Yes, Americans, by and large, you no longer make your own Mac ‘n’ Cheese! You buy packets of stuff and reconstitute it. Revitalising the constitution is something that you may have to do very soon.  Continue reading »

Café Velo
Take Time-out to Slow Down

Crispy Fish Burger

 I joined the peloton at Café Velo the other day. No musette or bidon needed but lots of food and super service in this large bright feeding station on George’s Quay (Cork), which includes pictures of cycling aces and events as part of the decor. 

Local food heroes such as Jack McCarthy Kanturk, Ballymaloe Relish, and Ardsallagh Cheese, are among those mentioned on the menus. Menus?  Continue reading »

The Yanks in the pub

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

You’ve just missed the American beer festival at the Porterhouse. It ran for the last two weeks until yesterday, though there might be a few of the specials knocking around in some of the bars still. I went in specifically in search of Crooked Stave’s HopSavant, knowing nothing about the beer or the brewery, only that I’d never heard of either and wanted to give it a go in case it disappeared forever.  Continue reading »

From Sharecroppers to Entrepreneurs
The Modern History of Italian Wine

At a lunch last April in West Cork, Italian winemaker Elena Pantaleoni (La Stoppa) told me that farmers were , not so long ago, looked down on in Italy, that her farmer brother had to leave Italy for France to gain some respect in his chosen profession. I was just a few pages into The Modern History of Italian Wine (edited by Walter Filiputti) when I was reminded of that conversation in the Good Things in Skibbereen.  Continue reading »

Tomodachi Sushi in Galway …….Ah Galway. Look at yourself. All grown up and having a real Sushi bar dead set in the middle of our little city by the sea. Situated on the 2nd floor above Maxwells Bistro and directly across from Brown Thomas, Tomodachi Sushi Bar is in the high rent district;Slap bang in the middle of Galway.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Cork Billy at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

The seminary was renowned for its food, the produce of its out-farms. Plates of sliced pork, cured ham and pressed tongue were laid out on white tablecloths in the lee of the sand dunes. We poured home-made lemonade from glass bottles. Some of the lads had gathered flotsam and we boiled up the water we had brought.
I had known for thirty minutes that I had made the wrong choice in life.

from The Trout by Peter Cunningham (2016). Very Highly Recommended.  Continue reading »


A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Since we’re all sick to the back teeth of hygge at this stage, I went looking for the Norwegian equivalent for the title of this post. Now you know. The subject is a couple of beers that were kindly gifted to me by Tom from Nøgne Ø, who visited Dublin last summer. I knew then that these were beers to be kept for colder days and the chilly afternoons of last weekend seemed the perfect time to tackle them.  Continue reading »

Feed Your Senses
Alimenta Tus Sentidos 

Delicias Alicantinas

It is a cold night in the city but we are snug inside 27 Washington Street with some warming Spanish food. And downing a glass or two of Juan Gil’s red wine (Monastrell grape) from Jumilla, not normally available by the glass (€6.50).  Continue reading »

The post Lamingtons for Australia Day appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

The post Lamingtons for Australia Day appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

Carl Ehrhard Spätburgunder Blanc de Noirs trocken, Rüdesheimer, Rheingau (DQ) 2011, 12%, €17.80 Karwig Wines

A rosé by any other name. 

Blanc de Noirs: a white wine made from red grapes! The Pinot Noir grapes are pressed and left on the skins for only a small amount of time, giving this red wine a clear colour with a hint of rose. The wine is  fermented 50% in stainless steel and 50% in mature oak barrels giving both a freshness and maturity.  Continue reading »

Still winter

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I have a bit of catching up to do with regard to the winter beers I have in stock. I don’t want to be drinking them as the evenings are getting noticeably longer, when they’re plainly intended for the dark and cold. So last week I made a point of opening the pair of winter specials that Wicklow Wolf released before Christmas. It’s a nice idea for a two-beer set: a dark one and a pale one, utilising northern and southern hemisphere hops respectively.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Loughbeg Farm Oat Bread

From Loughbeg Farm, west of Schull, comes a by now rather famous Oat Loaf, our Taste of the Week. Famous because it has filled a gap in the gluten free market and because Walter Ryan-Purcell, the man behind the venture, made a memorable appearance on Dragon’s Den last year, leaving with the support of not one but two of the dragons.

It started off on a very small scale with Walter and wife Josephine experimenting with the recipe in their farmhouse.  Continue reading »

Gonna be A Burger of a Week
Big and Bad Boys to Rock Cork

The first Cork Burger Festival runs from January 30th until February 5th. The local cafes and restaurants have climbed aboard in impressive numbers and, if you love your burger, you are going to have some tremendous choices over the week. Below you’ll find a selection of what is on offer.  Continue reading »

Holy Lord! It’s cold around here. Temperatures had dropped below freezing and I had got myself into a real deep winter gloom. This was driven by a number of factors. Firstly, it’s winter. Secondly, we seem to be living in very pessimistic times. Thirdly, the media have been whipping up a storm about the cold weather. One newspaper here in Ireland was telling us to expect “Thundersnow”. They also reported on roads grinding to a halt and flights being cancelled.  Continue reading »

Start as you mean to go on

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Dry January? The chance would be a fine thing. Dublin’s pubs have had plenty of new Irish stuff on the go for this supposedly quiet month. Here’s what I managed to get hold of.
I paid my first and second visits to Idlewild during the month, a pleasant little bar tucked into George’s Market on the Fade Street side. The first time was because they’d just released their first collaboration recipe beer.  Continue reading »

Salt Wine & Food on Victoria Road

A Winning Docket!

On the “vee” between Monahan Road and Victoria Road, there is an undistinguished low level building, close to a tool hire operation. It once housed a bookie’s office where you could lose your money on a nag without getting a run for it.  Continue reading »

Home-made Beef Burgers

A post by sheila kiely at Gimme the recipe

.  Continue reading »