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The Aresti Family, Highly Rated Chilean Winemakers

Jon (right) with Yours Truly

Though established in 1951, it was 1999 before the Aresti family began producing wine under their own label on their Bellavista estate in Chile’s Curicó Valley. Now, according to Wines of South America, they have “one thousand cultivated acres”.  Continue reading »

Coq of the walk

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

It was a surprise to find beers from venerable Estonian brewery A. Le Coq on the shelves at SuperValu. I snapped them up, of course. It’s not every day that beer by appointment to his imperial majesty shows up in suburban west Dublin. Am I supposed to curtsy?
First in the trilogy of lagers is Imperial Gold.  Continue reading »

Long, lazy lunches, enormous post-beach ice creams that threatened to melt down our arms, strolling down to the local bakery to get chocolate croissants for breakfast, popping out for café con leche and freshly...
The post Holiday eating with kids appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

The traditionalists amongst you might be a bit horrified at the prospect of drinking red wine with fish. Particularly with a fish as ‘white’ as hake. The key is the other ingredients in this sort of stew / soup / bowl of deliciousness. When you have got over your shock at my suggestion of red wine with fish, I encourage you to try Poached Hake in Tomato and Red Wine Sauce. Anybody who enjoys a good read will love preparing this.
You will need a couple of things to get this to work.  Continue reading »