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December 10th, 2011

Competition: Bottoms Up for Christmas Crackers

Pairing great wine with great holiday food is what CuriousWines.ie’s Cracking Christmas Case is all about, hand-picked favourites including holiday classics and some of their best-selling wines of 2011 are all brought together in this glorious mixed case, complimenting Christmas fare from roasts to puddings in spectacular style.

Curious Wines Christmas Crackers

Curious cases start at just €95.00 with free delivery, and this particular case of festive delight retails for a deeply discounted €115. Happily, we’ve got one to give away to a lucky winner at FoodFight.ie. – all you need to do to enter is tell us in the comments below what you’ll be cooking up for Christmas dinner this year, and we’ll pick a winner from the entries on December 16th. (And if you don’t win and still want to grab yourself a holiday bargain, last orders for Christmas dispatch are December 20th!)

35 Responses to “Competition: Bottoms Up for Christmas Crackers”

  1. Cara says:

    Staying traditional this year, I’ll be helping the mammy cook up a delicious roast turkey, the ham will already have been cooked the night before. Preluded by an egg mayonaise starter, the dinner has to have all the trimmings – creamy mash, carrots and parsnips, brussel sprouts and, of course, my stuffing speciality (breadcrumbs, eggs, cashew nuts, mushrooms and onions – nom!)
    Followed off by a selection of deserts from M&S, I intend to gain about 6lb on the day!
    (and this isn’t including the few bottles of wine)

  2. Grainne mcmahon says:

    Honey glazed ham, turkey soaked in beer,brussel sprouts cooked on a full bodied bordeaux sauce and roast potatoes cooked in goose fat with sea salt seasoning

  3. Niamh Kellett says:

    This year I’m cooking for 9 adults, god help me! Just ordered a 17lb turkey and 6lb ham today.
    Starter is still being considered but will possibly be a duck terrine. The ham will be boiled in coca cola then glazed with honey and mustard. Turkey will be wrapped in bacon and will have all the trimmings… Roasties cooked in goose fat, honey roasted winter veg, mash, sprouts fried with bacon. To top it off we’ll have Christmas pudding with brandy cream and at about 9pm we’ll bring out the cheese board. Nom!

    All washed down with plenty of wine. Deeeeelicious!

  4. Karen says:

    In the O’Connell household, we’re pretty traditional with Christmas dinner. Turkey roasted with herby butter, 2 separate ham fillets (one boiled in water, another in red wine and spices), roast spuds, maple roasted carrots and parsnips, brussels sprouts with pancetta and chestnuts, pickled red cabbage, homemade cranberry and orange sauce, all followed by my Mother’s fabulous Christmas pudding. We don’t always have a starter but may have some Dingle Bay prawns on lightly toasted bread (or maybe that can be our midnight feast after the kids are gone to bed).

  5. Colin says:

    For the first time ever (I’m 37) I am going to cook the entire Christmas dinner for my family.
    This will give my mum
    A break as she has always cooked
    For us.
    I am sure she’ll be looking over my shoulder throughout the process but that’s fine.
    As long as she has a glass of wine with me as I cook.
    It’ll be a traditional Christmas dinner but with some US Thanksgiving influence as I lived there
    For 6 years. So some green bean casserole and I’m even going to add pumpkin pie for afters (as well as a store bought pudding).
    The ham and turkey are ordered and I’ll cook the ham the night before.
    Going for some lovely duck fat for the roast potatoes also.

    I haven’t decided on a starter yet though.
    Open to suggestions. :)

  6. Angela Cahill says:

    Ham boiled in cider and then baked with a honey and whiskey glaze, spiced beef, turkey roasted with white wine and lemon infusion, roast potatoes, stuffing, Brussel sprouts, glazed carrots, red cabbage, sherry trifle, freshly ground coffee, Christmas cake and it’s not Christmas without after eights. For the wine a nice bubbly to start with and a Sancerre and either a Shiraz or a Merlot. Don’t think I’ve left anything out there!!

  7. Murray says:

    Ham, cooked on Christmas eve….and mostly eaten then too :)

  8. Minna says:

    This year we’ll cook a ham with a honey and mustard glaze and a lovely roast, crispy duck with all the trimmings. Usually we won’t bother with starters and opt for two desserts instead. This year we’ll have Oreo cheesecake and trifle. Post-dinner nibbles are traditional mince pies. Cannot wait!

  9. Bernadette nolan says:

    Home reared turkey, ham and all the trimmings followed by sherry trifle
    And then the sofa for the evening:)

  10. richard says:

    can’t beat traditional…turkey and ham, brussel sprouts, roast potatos and stuffing..with a few nice bottles of wine..willy wonka and then some more wine :-)

  11. Finbar says:

    Spiced beef. Yes, I am from Cork.

  12. Lorraine says:

    Traditional turkey & ham with all the trimmings for Christmas Day. But this year for the first time I’m hosting Christmas Eve in my house. My oh is Lithuanian & it’d tradition to prepare 12 different dishes. :eek: these 12 dishes can’t contain meat but fish is allowed. Wish me luck!!

  13. Claire says:

    This year I will be sharing the cooking with friends. I will be slow roasting 2 organic geese from our own farm. The potatoes, from Beechlawn organic farm will be roasted in the goose fat, as will their carrots and parsnips. I will be making the cranberry sauce in advance next week, as it holds well in the fridge. We will be cooking our own green beans saved earlier in the year, and our own brussel spouts with chestnuts in butter, and serving with breadsauce and local sausage meat from Burkes butchers. The stuffing will be made with sage and thyme grown by my friend Cathy, and breadcrumbs saved from the bread Jamie bakes us every week. Desert is a surprise made by Ian. And if there is room later on we will be drinking tea and eating the Christmas cake my mother made last month.

  14. Catherine says:

    Smoked ham, parboiled then glazed with cloves, honey and mustard. Always eaten on Christmas Eve after a rousing carol singing session.
    Pickled herring and salmon (Richard Corrigan recipe), Roast Turkey (from @termonfeckindelicious) with sausagemeat stuffing and gravy made from giblet stock and Marsala. Cranberry and orange sauce. Roast spuds, Unadulterated, boiled Brussels Sprouts ( we love ‘em) and roast root veggies….carrot, parsnip, celeriac and shallots. Spiced Puy lentils ( Conrad Gallagher’s recipe).

    Home made Christmas Pudding with a hidden, candied orange ( http://motherinvention.wordpress.com/2011/12/09/irish-christmas-pudding-with-a-candied-hidden-orange/) and Cointreau butter.

    Home-made lemon sorbet.
    Wine yet to be decided..himself always spoils us rotten on Christmas Day on this front.

  15. Linda Callaghan says:

    Traditional at our house- turkey, ham, stuffing, roast potatoes, brussels sprouts. prefer the turkey sandwiches in the evening to be honest!

  16. Sue Carroll says:

    I’m going to visit my sister in law on the day, so not cooking, but will be cooking a leg of lamb on St Stephens day.

  17. Roisin says:

    Traditional Turkey and ham, Roast Potatoes, acres of veg, lashings of gravy and potato stuffing(mashed potato, streaky bacon, celery , onion, thyme parsley all combined yummy)

  18. Evelyn says:

    Absolutely nothing! This year my inlaws are coming to us and my husband has said he’ll do all the cooking while I entertain and have some fun with the kids, so a few extra bottles could really help increase the fun element :)

  19. Dave Moriarty says:

    Hand fed loin of ham baked with an honey and irish whiskey glaze, served with a light mustard & girolle sauce’
    Centre-cut of turkey on a potato and truffle galette, topped with sliced and pan-fried truffle with a poached cranberry sauce, garnished with wild mushrooms & served with a Brussels sprout mousse.
    Deconstructed sherry trifle; Layers of lightly poached winter fruits layered with crème anglais & lightly whipped fresh cream mixed with duck egg meringues.
    For the wine a nice bubbly to start with and a Châteauneuf-du-Pape served to my mothers disgust at room temperature .

  20. Fiona Darcy says:

    Am still thinking about the menu but at the moment it’s home made tomato soup with warm bread rolls to start. Then the usual turkey and ham with brussels sprouts, roast carrots and parsnips, butternut squash roasted and sprinkled with cinnamon (yum!), roast and mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and delicious cranberry sauce! This will be followed by my Mam’s homemade pudding with cream and some trifle if I can fit it in ;) Going to make Mulled Wine too!

  21. garrett mccord says:

    Ham boiled in cola and glazed with honey and wholegrain mustard, butter basted turkey and a selection of roast veg – butternut squash, parsnip and carrot braised with orange. Of course this will be complimented by potatoes done about 5 ways!

  22. Fiona says:

    In a break from tradition we will be having a small, two-person christmas dinner without turkey! The plan so far is for: crab salad with the last of the homsemade nasturtium pesto as dressing to start, and then a beef wellington with wilted spinach and potato dauphinoise, followed by a cheese board (probably Cashel Blue, Camembert and Conte) and dark chocolate fondant. We will precede it all with a very nice pain farci and champagne and probably nibble on some Christmas bark afterwards. The plan is to spread it out over at least 4 hours and enjoy a rare, quiet christmas to ourselves. The wine is yet to be decided…

  23. Elly Parker says:

    Would you believe that I still don’t know where I’ll be on Xmas day? Hubbie hasn’t been given his work shifts yet, so we can’t do any planning (he works shift). If we end up at home I think I’ll have to do something different, as I can’t afford a turkey, so maybe duck this year?

  24. Lou says:

    Ohh Christmas planning is always fun so much food to choose from though the old traditional meal is always the best, how can you go wrong with turkey, ham and brussel sprouts all washed down with some vino and then dad’s once a year treat of homemade triffle for dessert yummie!!

  25. Lourda says:

    As I have all my well travelled children back for the first time in years I have to stick to tradition. Turkey, glazed ham, home made potato croquettes (with herbs from the garden), a chocolate cake house made by Grandma and Vienetta ice cream. Wine of course is always on the menu. I make one small christmas pudding for my husband.

  26. Spaghetti Hoop says:

    Spaghetti Hoops

  27. Tom Creed says:

    A large box of chocolates and a bottle of port.

  28. Gareth says:

    If I was a professional competition type person, I would try and pull on the old heart strings and claim to be volunteering on Christmas Day and cooking up a feast for those less fortunate than ourselves. However this is not in fact the case (as much as I would like to do this) as I am going to cook ZERO on the 25th but rather eat that prepared by others. I suppose this rules me out of the prize, so I will just take comfort in the fact that I will be able to serve them and keep their glasses full during both preparations and the meal. Just as well I saved €28.89 on the Deluxe Christmas case over on CuriousWinesie and got FREE delivery thrown in to boot. (NB – I dont work for them or know anyone associated!)Bottoms up! It is after all the giving that counts.

  29. Vicky Comerford says:

    Our dinner is going to be very traditional. We have 5 children and 2 years ago we changed the menu from the traditional turkey and trimmings to something very different. Nothing was eaten and the children said it did not feel like they were eating Christmas dinner. Mum’s lesson learned.
    Beverages. Wine and minerals
    Starter, soup or melon.
    Main course, roast turkey and ham, accompanied by roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce. Vegetable is brussel sprouts and carrots.
    Dessert, Christmas plum pudding with served with custard or brandy butter or sherry trifle.
    Later when all of the above has settled we will have a slice of Christmas Cake.
    After dinner we have some final small gifts for the children. They are not distributed till after the clean up is completed. Great way to get it done quickly and all hands are on deck.
    Finally I get to sit down with my glass of wine and relax that is until the inlaws arrive later Christmas night.

    ______*o***MERRY***o*________ _____*o* CHRISTMAS *o*_______

    Food Fight.

  30. emergingwriter says:

    Can you really soak a turkey in beer? Or is that just the cook? My husband does the turkey and I do the rest. Apparently my bit is easier. Just roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas, steam the pudding I made a few weeks ago, set the table, light the candles and open the wine. I might start with opening the wine!

  31. mister ebby says:

    It’s a big family christmas dinner here, my mother does the turkey, boiled ham and roast potatoes.

    I always do brussel sprouts where they’re roasted with chopped onion, other root vegetables and nuts, and covered with breadcrumbs, and end up with a much nicer flavour than boiled sprouts which I hated as a kid.

    My sister’s planning on adding a sweet potato, spinach and hazelnut pie to the meal this year, served with a homemade gravy, which she tried out on us earlier this year.

    The pudding and cakes are already made – my mother makes them every year, and makes extras for some other family members too. They’re being iced this weekend I believe.

    Christmas dinner is definitely a family affair, and everyone gets involved in helping to make some part of the dinner. There’s usually melon with port as one of the starters, and a homemade soup too served with home-baked bread.

    Myself and my brothers love a cheese course too, so we usually have a selection of different cheese ready with some chutney.

    And somehow, we still end up with sherry trifle as an option for dessert, along with the christmas pudding.

  32. Susan Jordan says:

    It’ll be the full works for three ’round Casa Cherry this year. Dustin & all the trimmings. Would really love to win this though, I’ve bought Samsung Galaxy Tabs for the lads, which means I’ll be looking at the tops of their heads for the entire Christmas break.
    Some Curious Wine for Mamty Clause would go down a treat ;)
    Happy Christmas Everyone!

  33. geraldine murphy says:

    We are totally traditional – the turkey, ham, sprouts, carrots and parsnips. I love sherry trifle and delicious chocolates – followed by a brisk walk. then back to more wine, poker and scrabble with intermittent turkey sandwiches and crisps!

  34. Denise says:

    Planning on a smoked trout and salmon terrine for starters.
    It will be my first time to cook a Goose and a boozy sherry triffle for dessert.

  35. mary says:

    smoked salmon and homemade brown bread, marmalade glazed ham Roast turkey,Stuffing Bread sauce Brussels sprouts goose fat roasted potatoes creamy mash roast carrots and parsnips Turkey gravy
    loads of desserts
    Brandy butter
    Christmas pudding
    Chocolate yule log
    Christmas cake
    wine and bailey and brandy for later on with the family