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November 15th, 2010

Competition: Doodle Bread – creative baking with your kids

Doodle Bread – It’s the cool ‘make your own bread that doesn’t look like anyone elses in the world, ever’


Doodle Bread allows you to make baking fun by creating bread with interesting shapes in it.

3 prizes. Win a large Doodle Bread Kit, a small Doodle Bread kit and a Doodle Bread Apron.

The best answers to the following question will be picked out and you’ll one of the three prizes. The question is:

What are the most interesting combinations you’ve had or put in bread?

Edit: Congrats to Rob Kiernan for 1st prize. Sabrina Dent for 2nd prize. Marion Bruton for 3rd prize.

7 Responses to “Competition: Doodle Bread – creative baking with your kids”

  1. Sabrina Dent says:

    OK I’ve got:

    – Chocolate in bread
    – Bacon in bread (not what you’d hope)
    – A whole, hardboiled egg!

  2. Christian Hughes says:

    I used to make banana bread with ‘bubbles’ of maple syrup and whole banana chunks. Absolutely delicious. On a more savoury note I worked in a restaurant a long time ago which served champagne rye bread.

  3. Aline says:

    My favourite has to be lardons (bacon bits) and Emmental cheese. Making a bread the size and shape of a rope. Just slice it and eat it for an aperitif.

  4. Dee says:

    my favourite bread to make is a white soda bread with chicken pieces, cheddar cheese and scallions…..divine eating it when its just out of the oven

  5. Rob Kiernan says:

    I love putting fresh pineapple and macademia nuts into bread.

    For the adults, rum and raisin is also a great combo!


    found this recipe some years back and its yummy..

    MEAT STUFFED BREAD LOAF Take a loaf of unsliced bread, cut off one end and then scoop out the middle, leaving about an inch inside all around. Take about 1 1/2 pounds hamburger or ground steak. Add canned tomatoes, onion, if desired, and brown in a pan. Add some of the bread crumbs until you have a fairly thick consistency.
    When browned, stuff bread shell, closing end with slice of bread fastened on with skewer or toothpicks. Using butter, butter the sides and top of the loaf and put in preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. Put on a plate and slice to serve

  7. Marion Bruton says:

    I once had bread with dried figs that had been soaked in port and there was also yogurt in the bread. It was mouthwateringly beautiful. It was in a restaurant in France while on hols.