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June 6th, 2010

Irish Pork Recipe Megalist – Irish food bloggers do their magic

As Caroline mentioned in her post a while back, many of the bloggers that met up at the Bord Bia Food Blogger event were sent some nice pieces of Irish pork to make their magic with. Manuel almost does a Sally Field “you really like me” in his post about the delivery of his er meat. Here are a few great posts from Irish food bloggers on their pork meals:

Warning, do not read these while hungry.


Clare from An American in Ireland blog does Succulent Irish Pork Rib Roast.

Kristin from Dinner Du Jour does down the brine route too and created a Brined Irish Pork Loin with Rhubarb Compote and Sauteed Fennel.

Darren from Suppersatiscation made a seriously tasty and healthy Pan Fried Nut Crumbed Irish Pork.

Deirdre from theFood.ie does a delicious looking Irish Pork chops with Caper and Mustard sauce.

And then not one, two or three but four posts by Babaduck on how she used the Irish Pork:
Roast Loin of Irish Pork with a Savory, Garlic and Olive Oil Marinade.

Carbonnade of Irish Pork with Vegetables.

Sticky Stirfried Irish Pork with Pak Choi.

Fennel, Lemon and Garlic Roast Irish Pork.

Two from Sarah -
Honey & Mustard Marinaded Irish Pork Cutlets.

Braised Irish Pork with Rosemary.

Update 2: From theGlutton

Roast Irish Pork with Cider Gravy.

Irish Pork Char Sui.

Update 3: From Rayne
Roast Rack of Irish Pork with Apple and Prune.

Irish Pork and Chorizo Hash

Any more blog posts that should be added?

4 Responses to “Irish Pork Recipe Megalist – Irish food bloggers do their magic”

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey, I have 2 and 1 still to come



    Great list, thank you!

  2. deirdre says:

    oh I still have one left to post too! just need to get typing!

  3. TheGlutton says:

    Hello! I have two posts on the fabulous Irish pork too… Pork Char Sui and Roast Pork with Cider Gravy! Can I join the fight? :)

  4. Rayne says:

    Hey we didnt make the blogger day but we did get the pork delivered! We have two recipes up on our blog,
    this one, which is a straight roast rack of pork

    and this one which uses up the leftovers!


    Hope you like them,
    love Lola & Lu