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Before I start this week’s shopping tips I want to draw your attention to the advisory notice for imported frozen berries issued by the FSAI in September 2014. This is really important. I had wrongly assumed (as had many, many people) that because the notices were gone from supermarket shelves, that the frozen berries were safe to eat once again.  Continue reading »

Dublin’s Australian Day Tasting. 
Part 2. The Red Wines. Shiraz Stars.

Shiraz. Wine Australia photo from 2016 vintage.

To see Part 1 (on the white wines, mainly), please click here
The diversity of Australian wines wasn’t perhaps the most demanding of themes for the recent Australia Day Tasting in Dublin! There are some great choices already in Ireland and more coming our way, at all price levels.  Continue reading »

Dis und dat

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I got these Distelhäuser beers from Barry a shamefully long time ago and they were at the front of the queue when I began an overdue clear-out of my beer fridge recently.
Starting with Distel Blond, a 5.1%-er with the unusual distinction of being a top-fermented German ale. Unkonventionell, as the label helpfully puts it. It’s a very pale gold in the glass, topped by a happy and bright blanket of froth.  Continue reading »

Crispy Cheesy Baked Omelette

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Do you know what the best thing is about potatoes?  Leftovers.  Whether it's mash to make colcannon or potato cakes, roast for dousing in gravy or my favourite, steamed for practically everything else.  I always cook more than I need because next day's lunch or dinner is just as delicious.  Take my Crispy Cheesy Baked Omelette.  With leftover potatoes, it's ready in 20 minutes.  Starting from scratch, add an extra 15 minutes – I promise you that it's worth it.  Continue reading »

Australia’s Wine Diversity
On Show in a Dublin Gallery(Part 1)

Diversity was the theme for last week’s Australia Day Wine Tasting in the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin, a theme that was well illustrated indeed with over 200 wines to be tasted.*

Everything from a high quality Tasmanian sparkling wine, Jansz Premium Cuvee NV, to a d’Arenberg Rare Tawny (had that lined up for my very last sip but, stupidly, forgot about it – next time!).  Continue reading »

Tuco’s Taqueria
6 Abbeygate Street upper
Open: Monday – Sunday from 12 noon – 9pm

Having spent more than 15 yrs living and working in the US, it goes without saying that we all love Mexican food here at Chez Wise. So much so, that due to the lack of any decent Mexican food eateries in Galway over the last 8 years, we have just had our own little weekly fiesta at home.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


It is summer in Sydney. Cherries, pawpaws, mangoes and watermelon render apples, bananas and oranges the most banal-tasting objects to set foot in a human mouth; waves foreclose on children’s sandcastles; shopping-centre Christmas decorations hang tackily over swarthy Santas with heat exhaustion; bushfires rage out of control and everywhere is ash, and a burning red moon of a bushfire hangs over the city, over the ocean, over Aldo ripening like garbage on his dreary rock.  Continue reading »

Forest to Sea Odyssey

A post by imen at Farmette

I am delighted to present Mimi and Oddur Thorisson of A Kitchen in France and the blog Manger as the hosts of our next Lens & Larder workshop in the wilds of Connemara at the stunning Ballynahinch Castle Hotel & Estate, February 23-26th, 2016.  Continue reading »

Quinlan’s Have Landed
Fresh Fish and Friendly Folks

Pan-fried Brill with potato chips and garden salad. This was one of our main courses, fresh and gorgeous. It was on the specials board (€16.95)

As many of you know, Quinlans Seafood has landed in Cork, in Princes Street, right in the middle of the city. From what I’d heard, the reaction has been good. Decided it to try it for myself and, yes indeed, it’s a thumbs up!  Continue reading »

Brewpub roulette

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I’ve mentioned before that micronations are a bit of a fascination for me. A week in Nice over New Year left plenty of time for the short train trip eastwards to Monaco, a barely-there principality clinging to the side of the mountains which sweep down to the Med. Just before they get there, however, there’s a yacht-filled harbour and among the quayside clubs and bars is Brasserie de Monaco, the country’s only producer of beer.  Continue reading »

I know that quite a few people had asked me how I was getting on with my fitness challenge so it’s time I updated you! I’ve been trying to be more active with a view to increasing my fitness levels, and consequently my general health. I just didn’t realise how much this Winter would throw at me!
The intention is to go to the gym 3 times a week for resistance training, then at least another once a week for hot yoga.  Continue reading »

A Bordeaux TrioSt Emilion and Graves

Château Tour Baladoz, Grand Cru St Emilion 2005, 13.5%, SuperValu
The Bordeaux vintage of 2005 is legendary and this rich, plummy wine is just gorgeous. Merlot is the main grape here with both Cabernets also in the mix, Franc at 20%, Sauvignon at 10%.
Colour is purple and the aromas are concentrated, ripe dark fruits plus fragrant floral notes.  Continue reading »

Three Canned By Rascal’s
Each Beer Worth A Try

Rascal’s Yankee White IPA, 5%
A bold Irish beer? Well, I think this cloudy wheat beer is more about balance than out and out bold! None the worse for that though. And it seems they agree: “Yankee White IPA has all the complex hop flavour of an IPA and is finely balanced with the bright flavour of a wheat beer.” A gorgeous balance indeed, a fine beer and Very Highly Recommended.

Rascal’s Big Hop Red, 5%
Lively, piney, zesty, they say.  Continue reading »

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Flourless Black Forest Cake

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

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Taste of the Week
Un-Phỏ-king Believable Chicken Broth

Where’s my Phỏ Gà? A broth of a boy waits.

Sonny, described as the Merchant of Broth, has recently taken a stall at Mahon Point Farmers Market and here last Thursday, I found my Taste of the Week.

It is Sonny’s Chicken Broth and a pot of it, enough for two, will cost you a fiver. It is a Vietnamese broth and the proper title is Phỏ Gà.  Continue reading »

If you’ve never read these shopping tips before, here’s the lowdown – otherwise just scroll on down to read the juicy bits!
Every Monday I do the research so you don’t have to. I take all the best fresh food offerings from the main supermarkets and list them here. That way you can make an informed choice and buy what you want, from where you want, and save money on your groceries (hopefully eat a little bit healthier too).  Continue reading »

Munster Wine & Dine Circle2016 Launch – Feb 3rd in Jacques

Visit to Coolea Cheese 2014

The Munster Wine & Dine Circle will be launched next week (3rd February, 7.00pm) in Jacques in Oliver Plunkett Street, Cork. And it’s going to be a spectacular launch, featuring the the wonderful Ummera Smokehouse from Timoleague and Stonewell Cider from Nohoval.  Continue reading »