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Spicy Seafood Paella

A post by donalskehan at DonalSkehan.com

What I love most about this recipe is that a big steaming pan of food is served straight to the table and people just dig in. It also makes a great leftover lunchbox if you’re lucky enough to have any left.  Continue reading »

Loughbeg Farm Ice-CreamSo Creamy. Amazing Flavours

World Champions?

San Gimignano in Italy regards itself as a great ice-cream centre and, indeed, when I visited a few years back, boasted the World Champion among its narrow streets. The ice-cream there, fresh and full of fruit, is gorgeous (my cappuccino was not!) but I reckon Loughbeg Farm from Schull, in County Cork, has come up with a few world class contenders.  Continue reading »

Certified organic food businesses can still enter their products into the National Organic Food Awards. 5th September is the closing date for applications.

After a break last year, this year’s awards have been tweaked to be of benefit to as many organic businesses as possible.  Continue reading »

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STEAK TARTARE, a legendary French dish dating from the early 20th century, isn’t for everyone but if you love steak and you’re not squeamish about the whole ‘raw meat’ thing it can be pretty amazing, and not difficult to do. Make sure to: use a trusted butcher; buy the best steak (not mince) you can; keep the meat chilled; use a razor-sharp knife; and eat right after prepping. Have fun!  Continue reading »

To paraphrase the Lorax, Alys Fowler ‘speaks for the bees.’ She was at the Ballymaloe Litfest in May, talking about self-funding her latest book Letters….  Continue reading »

Winning Grenache from a Solera in Gigondas

Saint Cosme Little James Basket Press, Non Vintage Red (Vin de France), 13%, €15.99 (12.79 August) at Curious Wines

The Rhone cased Chateau de Saint Cosme (est. 1570), a negociant-vigneron, uses the Solera blending technique, usually associated with sherry, to produce this excellent non vintage Grenache.  Continue reading »

SAUVIGNON BLANC, the world’s eight most-planted grape, hails originally from Bordeaux and the Loire but is today cultivated in every country that makes wine. Famous regions that specialise in it include Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, Bordeaux, Casablanca (Chile), Friuli (Italy) and the Adelaide Hills. But it is New Zealand’s Marlborough that has set a benchmark for Sauvignon, even if it has been grown there for only a relatively short time.  Continue reading »

East Meets West.And spices up the cheddar!Part 1
East meets West in Kerry and the results are good, very good. From a mountain village in the Philippines to a coastal village in North Kerry comes Leah. She met husband Billy in London and together in Littor Strand they’ve put their respective food experiences and traditions in the mix and now you can sample some very interesting products indeed.

Billy’s  grandfather William T.  Continue reading »

House of Orange

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I’m a complete sucker for new-wave German hops, mainly because we pretty much never see them here. But I did genuinely enjoy the handful of beers I’ve had using them, and Mandarina Bavaria particularly sticks out as a good variety. So obviously I leapt at Nøgne Ø Mandarina IPA when it appeared in DrinkStore, in a way that I don’t normally leap at spendy Nøgne Ø beers.  Continue reading »

It’s coming towards the end of summer and it’s still balmy and warm here in Seattle. I have been dying to make ice-cream sandwiches all summer, and it’s only now at the end of August that I actually get to make them. I started by making some home-made shortbread cookies, to which I added a thin layer of milk chocolate. I was just about to put the ice-cream in the middle when I realized I still had some leftover butterscotch sauce in the fridge.  Continue reading »

Beef Rendang

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

.  Continue reading »

BASED IN THE WILD Languedoc appellation of Saint-Chinian, Château Viranel is run with energy and enthusiasm by baby-faced brothers Nicolas and Arnold Bergasse-Milhé, whose family has been making wine here for five centuries. The estate spans 40 hectares of mostly south-facing terraces, close to Beziers and the sparkling Mediterranean. The local weather is perfect for grape growing: dry and warm, with a regular cooling north wind, Tramontane, that keeps the berries fresh and healthy.  Continue reading »

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Taste of the Week
Skeaghanore Smoked Duck

Many of you will be familiar with the award winning Skeaghanore West Cork Duck, produced by Eugene and Helena Hickey near Ballydehob.  Recently, I spotted a pack of their Smoked Breast of Duck at the Fresh from West Cork stall in the English Market. I could see the duck through a “window” in the pack and couldn’t resist. Traditionally smoked with oak, it is fully cooked and ready to eat.  Continue reading »

Blog Awards

A post by WiseMóna at Wise Words

I’ve had a little time on my hands these last few days and have put pen to paper – with the help of three terrific Irish Food Bloggers – to give you a little insight as to what kind of work is out there for food bloggers in Ireland today. I know it is a .pdf and this might not be suitable for a lot of you on your mobiles … but it is pages and pages long – a very interesting Q&A with the three bloggers I interviewed.  Continue reading »

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Chance to Win a Box of Wine

Hard to believe but I’ve a recipe in the Irish final of a Cono Sur competition. The public can vote on it, so I’m asking you all to please go to this link (you don’t have to join anything) and vote for our Scallops and Bacon http://bloggercompetition.conosur.com/index.php/vote
Please pass this message on.
By the way, thanks to Cono Sur, one lucky voter will win a box of wine.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »

Exquisite Riesling
from the steep slopes of Nahe


Mathern 2012 Niederhäuser Riesling Trocken, Nahe (Germany), 12.5%, €16.90 Karwig Wines
This Riesling, from the Nahe village of Niederhäuser, speaks for itself. It is simply superb and Very Highly Recommended.

Colour is a very pale honey with hints of green. On the palate, it is tangy and lively, green apples for sure, and with a good dry finish. Nothing at all complex here. Well made. Excellent. Buy it and try it!  Continue reading »