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Let’s go outside

A post by Valerie O'Connor at Val's Kitchen

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The week that’s in it

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

We had a couple of goings-on of beery significance in Dublin last week. Thursday saw 57 The Headline host the local launch of St. Mel’s Brewing. St. Mel’s in Longford Town may be a very new operation but it’s helmed by Liam Hanlon, previously the head brewer at Carlow and the creator of the beers that went on to become O’Hara’s IPA and Leann Folláin. He’s operating on a 15hL Irish-built brewkit now, producing three bottle-conditioned beers to begin with.  Continue reading »

I love to travel, to wander the world in search of new experiences and great food, but sometimes the best treats of all are on my own doorstep. This weekend is one of those lovely summer weekends in Duncannon. My Big Green Egg has been on since 6 am this Sunday morning and Pulled Pork and Beer Can Chicken are cooking away as I write.  Continue reading »

Things often never go to plan, which is why we were late leaving Dublin and why we subsequently found ourselves deep in the Tipperary countryside stuck behind a tractor with a trailer-full of round bales. As a farmer’s daughter, the “stuck behind a tractor” is a story I’ve used many times to explain tardiness, but this time I wasn’t trying to dodge my mother’s ire. Instead, we were trying to arrive in time for dinner at the Old Convent in Clogheen.  Continue reading »

Well now, this post has been a long time coming. Having been sucked into the black hole that is house renovation, the Daily Spud has become closer to the monthly spud, while prospective posts have languished on the proverbial back burner. Now that I have acquired an actual back burner – along with the kitchen to go with it, and of which more anon – it’s time to fire things up again.  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »

Goat Biscuits

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Goat, I hear you say.  Has she finally lost the run of herself?  Actually no, I'm still quite as sane as I was last week but I've been playing around with a few biscuit recipes lately.  One I've always loved is my Oat and Vanilla Shortbread biscuits : they're exceedingly easy to make and every time I make them, they vanish in the blink of an eye.  Continue reading »

Summer is in full swing here in Galway. Our little city is heaving and groaning under the weight of holidaymakers as they fill and fuel our city for the annual Galway International Arts festival.
This week, we were the lucky recipients of an electric vehicle! It’s only for a three-month test drive period and there is a small competition attached to it. Renault Ireland has teamed up with GIY Ireland and they are working together to help promote the notion of cleaner greener living.  Continue reading »

Choosing School Uniforms

A post by Wholesome Ireland at Wholesome Ireland

I apologise for this post as I know that for some parents the thoughts of getting uniforms and organising back-to-school stuff waits until August. Having just bought some of the new uniform for the Autumn term I thought it might be worthwhile to explain what I learned last year and how it has affected my choices this year.
Just before the 5-year-old started school last year I blogged about the expenses of sending him to school and how much it was costing.  Continue reading »

Grilled Polenta with Caprese Salad

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

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Grilled Polenta with Caprese Salad

A post by A Cookbook Collection at A Cookbook Collection

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In my house the meal times tend to be a little more irregular during the summer holidays. The structured routine during the school term allows for set dining times and, in turn, I find myself having a pot of stew, curry or soup always ready for the return of the school goers. As much as I love the continuity of the school day routine, I’m always ready to embrace the more relaxed mealtimes once July is upon us.  Continue reading »

Fancy a trip to Chile?Cono Sur Competition

Fancy an all expenses paid trip to Chile? Here’s your chance. Wine company Cono Sur is offering just such a trip to the winners of a Recipe Competition.

They are in search of a savory new main dish to pair either with their Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc or Single Vineyard Pinot Noir, and calling all bloggers from Ireland to participate.  Continue reading »

Cooking in the summer means lots of fresh and vibrant herbs from the garden.  Last summer I got the chance to shoot a piece for FEAST: A Dinner Journal all about summer herbs and one lady in the know is Denise Dunne who invited me to her sweet little cottage in North County Dublin.  Continue reading »

I love rhubarb. I love its tart flavour. Even the mouthfuls that cause me to suck my cheeks in. When it’s in season I pick up a bunch whenever I find it in the shops, as that tart flavour is the perfect balance in sweet summer treats. One of my favourite things is the syrup it produces as it stews are cooks in the oven. I always reserve this to use in homemade lemonade. The only problem is there is never enough, and I miss it as soon as I pour that last drop.  Continue reading »

The Herb Garden: Sorrel Soup

A post by Joanna Carley at DonalSkehan.com

This recipe was inspired by Theodora Fitzgibbon, a legendary figure in the Irish food world. Throughout her long writing career she wrote more than thirty books including The Food of the Western World, a project that took her fifteen years and won her several awards. Her most famous work was A Taste of Ireland. She died in 1991 at the age of 75 so her formidable knowledge was not shared with the contemporary world of the internet and bloggers.  Continue reading »

Yoga Farm

A post by imen at Farmette

A few months ago, I put myself on a three-day organic juice cleanse. When I say, “put myself” on it, I mean it wasn’t 100% voluntary on my behalf. But, since I had received no less than three emails in one day touting the seemingly exaggerated, yet absolutely extraordinary benefits of juice cleansing, I figured it was a sign to jump my sluggish post-birthday metabolism on the bandwagon.  Continue reading »

The Pleasures of Theodora…

A post by Joanna Carley at DonalSkehan.com

Between the reprint of Theodora FitzGibbon’s recipes in The Pleasures of the Table, and cooking through her recipes on my RTÉ One show, it has been so wonderful to hear from those with fond memories of one of Ireland’s most important food writers.  Last weekend John Bowman’s Radio One show, focused on radio archives of interviews with Theodora.  A superb insight into her eccentric life and personality.  Continue reading »

Lemon granitas

  • Canolli - these are delightful cylindrical pastries containing sweetened ricotta - which is used regularly in Sicilian desserts.

    If you follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you’ll be aware that I spent a week in the stunning south Italian island of Sicily around the beginning of July. Excuse the probably excessive bragging. I couldn’t help myself. Well, without a doubt, an amazing week was had. In no particular order here are my top ten recommendations for delicious food and wine in Sicily…

    Granita – this has to be tasted in the depths of Sicily’s summer heat to be truly appreciated.  Continue reading »

    Spiderman Comes To Town

    A post by Wholesome Ireland at Wholesome Ireland

    While I was away a few weeks ago a parcel arrived for me from Lidl Ireland filled with items from their new “Too Cute” range which came into stores today.
    Over the past fortnight the boys and I have put all the items inside to the test and here’s the verdict of Spiderman Comes To Town.
    Spiderman T-Shirt – €3.99 (pictured)
    Also available in Hello Kitty
    A lovely soft cotton t-shirt. We have bought cotton t-shirts from Lidl before and probably will again.  Continue reading »