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The post Read: Fabulous fictional food – Part 1 appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

The American’s are gas. They have the biggest democracy on the planet and they end up with the Donald as one of the two contenders for the most powerful position known to man (or to woman, if Hillary gets the gig). ‘The Donald’ has tried to attract specific groups by playing to their fears. This will prove to be a mistake.  Continue reading »

Going pink in the sun

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Around here you can die of thirst waiting for a sunny day on which to drink a summer beer. When the opportunity finally presented itself I grabbed two that have been waiting in the fridge since mid-season.
First up is Samradh, a raspberry-infused saison from Dublin’s Third Circle, brewed (for the moment) at Craftworks. I very much approve of its summery ABV of 4.5%.  Continue reading »

Rare Cookery Books Workshop – Keith Floyd. A Taste of West Cork Food Festival Event. Urru Culinary Store Bandon Saturday 10 September 4.30pm

If you love your rare cookery books and recipes and are interested in showing, sharing and seeing other people’s rare books then come join us for a round table show ‘n’ tell workshop.  Continue reading »

These buttery, crumbly cookies contain gluten-free flour, making them a tasty treat for coeliac sufferers. However, even if you’re not following a gluten-free diet, I would recommend you give these easy-to-make cookies a try. They’re perfect for enjoying with a cuppa.  Continue reading »

Iyer set to inspire at Waterford Harvest Festival

From Coimbatore to Cork, Gautham Iyer has nurtured a food philosophy that is from the heart…pure, simple and according to Ayurvedic principles, which derives from the Sanskrit of knowledge of life.

The award winning chef-proprietor of Iyer’s Restaurant in Cork will bring his Brahmin culinary philosophy to Waterford’s La Boheme Restaurant on Sunday, September 11th as part of the Waterford Harvest Festival menu.  Continue reading »

A long time ago in a kitchen far away, tucked into a corner of North County Dublin there lived a woman who didn’t know what she was going to do with her life. Nearly 8 years ago now, she waited for her first born son to arrive, and rubbed the curve of her belly, and wondered how things were going to be when she went back to work after having her first baby.  Continue reading »

A.  Continue reading »

Across Northern Spain
On A Red Wine Trail

Checking out the Garnacha in Rioja

Let’s take a trip across the north of the Spain and sip a few red wines. We start in Penedes, near Barcelona on the east coast, in the country of the Catalans, and head west to the Basque country (País Vasco).

Maybe you’ve been to Barcelona. Sitges perhaps? Then you won’t have been very far from the vineyards of Albet i Noya.  Continue reading »

What’s your 20?

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

“Untimely” is a word that got used quite a bit in the reporting of Oliver Hughes’s death a couple of weeks ago, and with good reason. Not only was he still in the prime of life, and the distillery he was so proud of just beginning to turn out whiskey, but 2016 also marked the 20th birthday of his inspirational brewery and pub chain The Porterhouse.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Pecorino Vincenzo

I love my sheep’s cheese, from the Cratloe Hills of County Clare to the heights of Ossau Irraty in the Pyrenees, not forgetting the superb Crozier Blue. Now I’ve got a new love all the way from the banks of the River Toon in County Cork.

I’ve had a few brief encounters with this Pecorino Vincenzo over the past few weeks and liked it. But the affair got serious when we met again at a stall in Mahon Point Farmers Market last week.  Continue reading »

Enter a caption

My darling mother is, to use her own words, “closer now to 90 than 80 years young.” Mum has a remarkably open attitude and a positive outlook on life. She paints in oils, having graduated from watercolour painting some few years ago. Her pictures are bright and bold and they reflect a fun, childlike humour and bubbly personality.
“What has any of this got to do with that big chunk of meat?” I hear you ask.  Continue reading »

The Russell
A Right Royal Venue

After a day “digging” into Ireland’s Ancient East, it was time to eat. Headed into Navan, a few miles from our delightful base at Teltown House, and a table in the stylish room at The Russell. Got a warm welcome at the bar and we were soon seated at our table by the window. Sank back into the comfortable chairs and began to study the menu, well the specials mainly.  Continue reading »

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Pregnancy is a weird and wonderful thing!  
We had our 20-week scan a fortnight ago and saw what seems to be a happy and healthy baby boy moving about on the screen. A baby boy! Imagine that!

That little boy has begun to move about a lot recently. I first felt his movements as tentative little flutterings but lately there have been a few well-aimed wallops! 

I’m beginning to relax into pregnancy a little more now.  Continue reading »

On the dot

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

DOT Brew is a new Dublin start-up, a single-handed operation of brewer Shane Kelly currently in the process of fixing its abode near the Coombe and utilising Craftworks across town for the initial runs.
The flagship is DOT Session Rye Ale, a meagre 4% ABV but looking much fuller in the glass: a dark and serious ochre shade. Expecting something quite malt driven, it was a wonderful surprise to get a waft of fresh and juicy tropical fruit in the aroma.  Continue reading »

Make a meal of it this September in aid of Cork Simon
 and people who are homeless

Cork Simon Community is encouraging people to throw a dinner party this September to raise funds in support of Cork Simon’s hefty food costs.  
During the month of September, The Great Cork Simon Supper will take place across Cork with friends, family, co-workers and class-mates coming together to share a meal to help provide healthy, nourishing food for people who are homeless in Cork.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Billy Lyons at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

As food got scarcer, Ernest Hemingway, who reached Madrid in March 1937, consolidated his popularity by dint of the inexhaustible store of bacon, eggs, coffee and marmalade, whisky and gin, that he kept in his room at the Florida. International Brigade volunteers were always welcome and would always find plenty of bottles and tinned food.  Continue reading »

Three out of Four

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Three tins from London’s FourPure Brewing Co. today, all promising hoppy delights, albeit in somewhat different ways.
We begin with American Pale, which is obviously far too street to put the word “Ale” on the end of that. Get with the times, granddad. It’s 5% ABV, putting it on the high side for a British pale ale but lower than I’d expect an actual American one to be. It’s a pale orange colour with a substantial haze and a surprisingly short-lived head.  Continue reading »

Holy Smoke!
Holy Water and Holy Fruit too.

Couldn’t make it to the Big Smoke for the Big Grill in Dublin this week where local chef John Relihan was taking a leading role. But there was considerable consolation when I visited John’s local, Holy Smoke in Cork’s Mardyke complex. Lots of smoked meat, Holy Fruit too for dessert and Holy Water and unholy beer (Punk) as the evening unfolded.

They don’t really go in for starters here.  Continue reading »