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The poor Irish weather is responsible for this recipe. In the same way as one is guaranteed to have a return of rain here on the Emerald Isle, you will return to this recipe. You will do so again, and again and again.  “Wow”, you muse. “Can this recipe be all that good?” It is but, that’s not exactly what I mean.
As I say, it is guaranteed to get you back to it numerous times.  Continue reading »

Pleasures of the Sea at La Bohème

If you walk up Gladstone Street from the Waterford quays, you will immediately see, straight ahead, an elegant Georgian building. We are headed for the equally elegant basement underneath to enjoy the fruits of the sea served up by Eric Théze and his team in La Bohème.

When Eric and his wife Christine came here, it was love at first sight.  Continue reading »

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It’s pouring

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

On an appropriately dark and stormy August afternoon in Dublin, The Beer Market opened the doors on its Cloudwater tap takeover. I’ve had mixed experiences of the Manchester brewery of the moment: some sublime beers and some confusingly awful ones. I didn’t see very much Cloudwater in northern England in July so I relished the opportunity to take my time with a few of them, side-by-side.  Continue reading »

The restaurant space on the ground floor of the Millennium Tower on Charlotte Quay has seen several restaurants come and go. Firstly Ocean Bar & Restaurant and more recently, the delightful Mourne Seafood. It’s a location with a gorgeous setting, overlooking Grand Canal Dock, but it has no street frontage. And that’s surely a main contributor to the previous closures.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Billy Lyons at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

….he had experienced far more global diversity than the average college junior.  Continue reading »

AUTUMN TREATSfrom Munster Wine & Dine

As Summer fades and our trip to Cashel Blue and Ballinwillin House seems like a distant memory, we’re delighted to bring you news of some great events to look forward to in the Autumn. 

Placeholder Event: 
Spacial MWDC Tour & Tasting of Midleton Distillery followed by dinner in a well-known Midleton eatery! 
Full details, price and date to be announced in the next week, but the placeholder date is Wednesday 19th October late afternoon/early evening.  Continue reading »

.  Continue reading »


Matthew checking down under!

Made my mind up early this year to get a little deeper into this month’s A Taste of West Cork. Rather then driving down and coming back on the same day, I’m going to stay for three consecutive nights. And as it happens, the three nights give me the chance to see three very different chefs, beginning at the Celtic Ross on the 15th with Breton Eric Theze in action.  Continue reading »

Journey’s end is Kilkenny, one of my favourite cities in Ireland, if you can avoid the stag and hen parties. A large part of town is still occupied by the defunct Smithwick’s brewery (last seen in this post) and there have been moves by independent players over the years to bring a bit of authenticity back to Kilkenny’s reputation as a city of beer.  Continue reading »

Cistín Eile. Slí Eile


Cistín in the title of this narrow-fronted restaurant in a narrow Wexford street hints at bacon and cabbage and beef galore. And that is confirmed when you study the menu. But here, the bacon and the beef, and much more besides, is done in a different and delightful way, slí eile. Here, in this narrow-in-space but broad-in-mind place, your top local produce is stamped with the Warren Gillen imprint.  Continue reading »

The Wine Society at Hayfield Manor

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

Hayfield Manor is an oasis of calm in the middle of bustling Cork City.  Hidden from view by an innocuous driveway, this family-run hotel delivers a five star luxury experience with charm and grace.  Not only does it offer guests a beautiful place to stay, but Hayfield Manor loves wine, with a subterranean wine cellar and dining room in the basement.  Continue reading »

On the Saturday before last, the Royal County homebrew club of Meath joined in combat against the Wee County homebrew club of Louth. The battle took place at the Brú Brewery in Trim and the chosen weapon was fruit beer. I got to pretend to be one of those high-rolling BJCP judges for the day and write impenetrable tasting notes on the beers – a normal enough Saturday afternoon for me. In the end the Louthmen emerged victorious with the Meath side vowing bitter (haha) revenge.  Continue reading »

During the school year I try to get the kids to have their dinner by 5.30pm at the latest. It stops too much snacking when they get home from school and it means that they get hot food on cold days (not that we’ve had many of those recently). All three of the kids have conspired against me these past few weeks and each finished at a different time. That will change very soon thank goodness! These flatbreads are the perfect meal to prepare in advance.  Continue reading »

Smokehouse Sauce
Bringing the Market together.

In 24 Days in 24 Ways, Smokehouse Sauce is bringing the English Market together. Together on a plate, that is.

Smokehouse Sauce, fast emerging as a favourite across Munster, is the guest trader for six weeks at the start-up stall in Cork’s English Market. Emma Kelly of Smokehouse: “The English Market is iconic, a quality place to shop for quality. Traders here know their growers and suppliers.  Continue reading »

Before I got pregnant, I thought pregnancy would be a wonderful experience. I thought I’d enjoy feeling my body change as a whole new life grew inside me. How naïve was I?

Don’t get me wrong. There are lots of enjoyable moments. The baby is kicking as I type and every kick makes me marvel.

Yet there is still a lot that has come as a (not quite nasty but not altogether welcome either) surprise about just what’s involved in growing a baby.  Continue reading »

Once a year, presumably for some dodgy tax write-off reasons or bizarre sexual kink, the Galway Bay Brewery fills a coach with its Dublin customers, drives them to Galway and, against all reason, brings them back again. I went in 2014, when the brewery was still out the back of The Oslo in Salthill, and signed up again this year to see how things had developed at the new site in Ballybrit.
Quite extensively, it turns out.  Continue reading »

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Taste of the Week
Carrigaline Original Cheese

Despite so many new Irish food products appearing on a regular basis, sometimes it’s best to go back to the originals. I did just that recently when I picked up a wedge of the Original version of the Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese. This is a semi-hard cheese and is very bit as creamy and mild as ever, a local classic with delicious flavours and our Taste of the Week.  Continue reading »

The post Read: Best cocoa birthday brownies appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »