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Don’t worry, this raspberry poke cake isn’t a technical bake, it’s more of a crumbly gooey fun cake to make and enjoy. It won’t take you too long, and the most arduous part of this cake is the fact that you have to wait until it’s completely cool to enjoy it. So why would you […]
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Choosing recipes, which are easy to prepare, can be made ahead and taste fantastic is an important part of a successful celebration feast.  The humble beetroot can be transformed into something quite unusual with tastes from the Middle East and served as a dip with homemade flatbreads.  Continue reading »

In springtime, wild garlic appears all across Ireland in shaded woodland areas.  It is easy to recognize from its distinctive garlic smell.  There are two varieties which can be found, one has a long three cornered stem and the other which has a large broad leaf.  The leaves can be harvested and treated like any salad leaf.  In this recipe I use the unique garlic taste in a pesto served alongside sweet slices of lamb leg.  An easy side dish to serve alongside the roast lamb is simply braised baby gem, with peas in white wine and thyme.  If you wanted to make it more indulgent you could add a little cream to the cooking liquid at the end of the cooking time.  Continue reading »

A deep dark chocolate cake is the perfect dessert to celebrate easter with. This one is unique in that it doesn’t require flour to bind it and instead relies on ground almonds which makes it gluten free but also results in a rich and moist finish. With a glossy chocolate glaze and a topping of toasted hazelnuts this cake will be a true showstopper this Easter!  Continue reading »

I’ve recently been reading a blog series from Sybaritica about Chinese characters and how to understand them in the context of food and dining. I’m only a few characters in, but I’m already starting to go a little cross-eyed as I start to appreciate this complex language. However, I have learned to recognise the three parallel strokes that symbolise one of my favourite Chinese cuisines, namely Sichuan cooking.  Continue reading »

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FEAST: A Dinner Journal

A post by donalskehan at DonalSkehan.com

FEAST: A Dinner Journal is a new magazine created by Donal Skehan and edited by Ross Golden Bannon. This quarterly food magazine takes the reader on a seasonal journey sourcing the elements of a seasonal feast through the integrity of small producers. Lavishly illustrated with Donal Skehan’s own photography and featuring his exclusive recipes, FEAST is a celebration of seasonality and artisan producers.  Continue reading »

Theodora FitzGibbon’s column in The Irish Times was once essential reading for anyone with an interest in cookery. Infused with wit, a lust for life, and a genuine love of good food, classic recipes like her Christmas Cake and Barm Brack became legendary and were well used in homes in Ireland and abroad for decades.  Continue reading »

Irish brewery wins at World Beer Cup
Bronze medal in the Olympics of beer for Cork’s Eight Degrees Brewing

Big congrats to Mitchelstown’s small Irish brewing company, Eight Degrees Brewing, who scored a massive success at the 2014 World Beer Cup. The World Beer Cup is an international brewing competition in Colorado acknowledged world-wide as the ‘Olympics of Brewing’. It attracted over 4,700 entries, from 1,403 breweries in 58 countries.  Continue reading »

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I am delighted to announce that the next issue of FEAST: A Dinner Journal is in the shops! If you missed my update you can read all about our amazing new contributors here! In this issue we explore the Wild Atlantic Way, a route that takes us along the whole west coast of Ireland from north to south and with it unfolds some of the most breath-taking scenery Ireland has to offer.  Continue reading »

A pal of ours was in touch, looking for a Dublin city centre restaurant that will fit a particularly challenging set of criteria:

Will take a large group of around 12 people
Has some kid-friendly options on the menu
Is a bit fun and informal
Easy right? Oh hang on!
Will cater for vegans

Yikes! Any tips?
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Muc Turns Up for Book Launch in Ballymaloe

Jamón Ibérico

Muc*, the pig from Buenvino, was in Ballymaloe Cookery School at the weekend. Or at least one of his back legs was. You see, four years back Muc was killed and the long air-drying period began. Before that, he had happily wandered the woods around the big house in the south west of Spain, snouting out the best of nuts, especially those gorgeous acorns, qualifying him for the coveted Ibérico status.  Continue reading »

The tortilla revolution

A post by David Havelin at Liquid Irish

This is going to seem very like a story about tortillas, rather than whiskey. Think of it as allegory.
According to Philip Martin, owner of the Little Ass Burrito Bar in Dawson Street, we don’t know tortillas in Ireland, or even in Europe. The real deal is a corn tortilla (by corn, I mean maize), not the wheat imposters that we have latched on to. And the corn must have been nixtamalized first, which means steeping and cooking in limewater.  Continue reading »

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Today marks a new beginning.You may already have noticed that there have been some changes around here. The blog has a new name. There’s a new design across the top.  And there are other bits and bobs you’ll notice as time goes by.Why all these changes?  Continue reading »

I love competitions and I will enter each and every competition that I come across. What’s even better is giving my readers a chance to win some great prizes. I was recently contacted by the Kilkenny Shop on Nassau Street, who are launching their Thursday Night Supper Club at the Kilkenny Café, located upstairs in the shop. The cafe serves up artisan Irish food, made fresh on-site daily for breakfast, lunch and supper.  Continue reading »

Talk of the Tongue

International Wine and Food Society Event

The Tongue (left) and more from last Thursday’s Celebrating Local Tastes.

“Celebrating Local Tastes” was the title of the first outing for 2014 of the Munster Branch of the International Wine and Food Society.  Continue reading »

Earlier this year, Canon pushed out the new PowerShot SX700 HS, a full-featured light and compact digital camera that manages to squeeze in a long lens for up to 30x zoom, a 60fps full HD video mode and integrated Wi-Fi for remote firing and browsing.
The suggested retail price for the SX700 is around the €399 which puts it just shy of the entry-level dSLR range.  Continue reading »