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A few social beers

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

My Easter weekend began last Thursday afternoon with leaving work and heading straight for the Open Gate Brewery at St James’s Gate. I’d been invited, with Will from 5 Lamps Brewery, to talk to staff about beer and brewing. With that out of the way it was over to the bar to see what was new on the roster.
They’ve added two new lagers to the line-up. From the in-house brewery there’s Amarillo Pilsner which, as the name suggests, is a pilsner using Amarillo hops.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Brown Soda Bread by Dooley’s

Dooley’s Bakery and Café  is in Rathcormac, on the main street, neatly painted in a pale green, with an old bike outside. 

We knew the bread box at home was bare so we stopped there yesterday and, despite the temptations of the sweet things in the cabinet, bought one of their brown soda breads.

But what a soda bread!  Continue reading »

Until recently, getting goat meat in Ireland was near impossible. There are plenty of farmers producing excellent goat’s milk and cheese. But, goat meat, no. Thankfully, that is no longer the case with some more adventurous farmers now producing top quality goat. Some of our more progressive butchers are stocking it too. And that’s how I got my hands on a part deconstructed shoulder of goat. Perfect for preparing a goat curry.  Continue reading »

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Excellent Evening Meal at The Commons Inn


It was a busy night at the Commons Inn, some big groups (some local, some traveling) to be catered for but the pressure didn’t show in the restaurant which was an oasis of calm as we enjoyed an excellent meal indeed.  Continue reading »

If you have some leftover Easter egg chocolate hanging around, and fancy making some treats with the children, I guarantee these mini nests will be a great hit. I like to pop little decorations into each one, but if you prefer they can be filled with mini eggs or jelly beans.

Chocolate Coconut Nests Ingredients200g white chocolate, roughly chopped1 tbsp coconut oil1 tsp vanilla extract75g Rice Krispies25g desiccated coconut Method1.  Continue reading »

Easter parade

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I haven’t done one of these Irish beer round-ups for a while and the note pile has been building. With the Easter weekend nearly over, here is a selection from breweries around the country and pubs around Dublin.
But starting at home, I’m already two Dungarvan seasonals in arrears so began with Curious Orange, another saison, following on from their popular seaweed one. It looks lovely: a rich orange colour and carefully poured for clarity.  Continue reading »

I’ve spent the past 16 months travelling every week for work, flying out to Amsterdam first thing on Monday morning, returning late on Thursday. But now it’s all over, and I’m back in Dublin for the foreseeable future. On one hand, I’m delighted. Normal life can resume again, rather than living permanently out of a suitcase.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Cork Billy at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

The grown-ups chatted and drank dry sherry and nibbled on what John Dos Passos called “recondite hors d’oeuvres” – probably the delicious little crackers called sables that Honoria still remembers – and then after a while everyone went back to the villa for lunch.  Continue reading »

Sour in all directions

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Rounding off this week of posts from the Utrecht beer scene with a look at a handful of imported beers I tried.
Of course, most of the beer imported into the Netherlands is from neighbouring Belgium and all the flagship brands are available where beer is sold. Le Clochard was a case in point. We landed up to this restaurant one evening, where I intended to indulge my penchant for cheese fondue. It was busy and we were escorted to the cosy fireside for pre-dinner beers while we waited.  Continue reading »

48 Hours in Kilkenny
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Sweet Start to Sweet Finish

Street food: Farmers Market taco from the Bula Bus

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Let me take you to Inner Ireland, to Kilkenny in particular, the heart of the Ancient East.  Continue reading »

Like most children, my four get more Easter eggs than they need, and as much as I try to somewhat limit how much chocolate is consumed, there always seems to be a few tummy ache sufferers each Easter Sunday night. I suffer from migraines, and one of my triggers is chocolate so, as a rule, I stay clear of it, but my vice would certainly be cake. So much so that I could easily be joining the tummy ache parade from overindulging.  Continue reading »

Rathwood Easter train

A post by My Toddler Cooks at My Toddler Cooks

A.  Continue reading »

From the Islands
Vermentino from Sardinia
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And a Grillo from Sicily

According to Vino Italiano, “the deepest expression of the grape is found among the Vermentino di Gallura DOCG wines” and we’ve got a beauty for you below.  Continue reading »

Brew trekked

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Following on from Monday’s saunter around the pubs of Utrecht, today I’m visiting two of the local brewpubs.
The first is situated in the city centre, in the imposing Stadskasteel Oudaen. The building began as a medieval castle but now houses function rooms, a theatre and the brewery-restaurant on the lower floors. We didn’t tour the brewery so didn’t get to see the gear, but did work through the beer range in the rather grand bar at the front of the complex.  Continue reading »

It really needs little fecking about.

Sorry for the blunt headline. But, I need your attention. If you are lucky enough to be able to get your hands on a delicious rack of genuine Irish spring lamb, don’t go messing around with it. Cook it simply and serve it with other nice simple fare. Don’t go overboard, spicing, adding heat or generally fecking around with it. The flavour is delicious, delicate and doesn’t need much else. 

The fat has a parchment like texture.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Chicken Inn’s Chicken Stock

If you’re passing the Chicken Inn in the English Market and see a line-up of tubs of chicken stock, grab one, or two, and you’ll have our Taste of the Week.

Tim Mulcahy’s stock is chock full of flavour and a great base. There are tons of recipes on the internet and you can adapt them as you please and depending what you have to hand, just as we did (above).  Continue reading »

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Dine at the Crossroads of Munster


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There is a lovely restaurant, serving top notch food, in historic Mallow.  Continue reading »

Media release
Old Butter Roads Food Trail Festival
Launch April 29-30 in Blarney

A Food Festival to launch the Old Butter Roads Food Trails will take place in Blarney from 29/4 to 1/5 2017. The initiative is being developed by the producers, eateries and visitor attractions to celebrate the range of foods grown and produced in the Muskerry, Duhallow and Avondhu areas of County Cork.  Continue reading »

Hello U

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Over the years that I’ve been attending the Borefts beer festival at the De Molen brewery I’d noticed that many of the other international visitors tend to set up basecamp in nearby Utrecht rather than my usual choice, the almost equidistant Leiden. It seems the beer offer in Utrecht is just better, something that I’ve seen borne out via the always-reliable Dutch Beer Pages blog.  Continue reading »

Powers to all our Friends
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Cork Whiskey Fest at Sober Lane

The Powers be with you! Pic via Sober Lane

Great to meet up with the Powers Family at Sober Lane as part of the Cork Whiskey Festival.  Continue reading »