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The Austrian succession

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Today’s beers were picked at random from an off licence shelf in Utrecht. It wasn’t until I got them home that I noticed they’re from Austria. The branding is very different from my pre-conceptions of sturdy traditional Austrian brewing, but then I suppose it must have an awesomely epic craft beer scene these days, same as everywhere else. Both are by Bevog brewery, founded in 2013 in the far south east of the country, hard by the border with Slovenia.  Continue reading »

A good friend in the food industry left me thinking when he described lemon chicken as being “very nice, but it doesn’t taste of lemon”. The irony of the statement was not lost on me. So I set about getting some lemon chicken cooked. This time though, it tastes of lemon, for sure. It tastes of chicken too. So, lemon chicken it is.
As with so many of my recipes, this depends upon top quality meat and a small number of quality ingredients.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Arbutus Bread 

Sourdough Bread has fed humanity for 4000 years. That’s an opening statement on the Arbutus Bread website. The company itself doesn’t go back that far!

Declan Ryan founded Arbutus Bread in 1999, after selling his previous business [Arbutus Lodge Hotel]. “I knew that retirement would not suit me, and that I had to be active . So I converted a small two car garage in front of my house into a tiny bakery.  Continue reading »

Cream Donuts
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Sweet, Colourful Creations

Cream is one of the new wave of donut outlets in Cork City,  its counters loaded with colourful creations, backed by excellent coffee and top drawer ice-cream.  Continue reading »

Will I, won’t I?

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I always have a bit of back and forth when new Cloudwater beer lands. I know everyone will be talking about it and I’d like to be part of the conversation, but the beers are terribly expensive and too many of them aren’t any good. The phrase “sucker juice” always jumps to the front of my mind when I’m looking at those arty cans in the off licence fridge.  Continue reading »

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Stellar Food and Crew at the Castle Cafe

Some go to Blackrock Castle to learn about the Universe, extreme life forms on Planet Earth and to explore life in outer space!  Continue reading »

Food markets have been floating around Dublin for several years now, but most are daytime events, servicing local office areas. Irish Village Markets currently run three weekly markets around the city, while the market operated by Waterways Ireland on the Grand Canal at at Lower Mount Street was recently denied a renewal of its planning permission following objections from local businesses and residents.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Cork Billy at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

The apartment was abjectly appointed on the corner of the second of three poured-concrete stories. The front window gave onto a distressing view of purple Christmas cabbages. Rain raised oily puddles in the grocery parking lot, peacock blue and burnt orange, and until well after midnight a corrosive smell of exhaust stole through the vents. The aisles of the grocery store were filled with college students.  Continue reading »

Rocky three

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

A trilogy of beers from Colorado today, mostly ones that have been around a while that I’m only catching up to.
Mountain Standard, brewed for when the clocks change in the autumn, has a kind of built-in freshness indicator. I’m guessing you’re not meant to be still buying it in April but there I was. It’s a black IPA, and a big one at 8.1% ABV. Held up to the light it’s more a red-brown colour than properly black.  Continue reading »

Normal service will resume in 3, 2, 1…

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

I can’t blame you for thinking that I’d disappeared off the face of the earth – I’d lost my writing mojo, you see.  After a much longer recovery from surgery than I expected, I was knackered.  I barely had the headspace to cope with the post-op blues, never mind a frenetic return to the day job with an awful lot of travel, so something had to give.  I’m sorry that it had to be Babaduck, just for a little while.  Continue reading »

Entries are about to close for the 2017 Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards.

The Blás na hÉireann Awards (which are now in their 10th year) take place alongside the Dingle Food Festival, in late September each year.
Last year there were more than 2500 entries in what are the largest blind-tasted Food Awards on the island of Ireland.

The 2016 Supreme Champion was the delicious Rós Rhubarb Cider from Stonewell Cider, Cork.  Continue reading »

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Sage. New Superlatives Please!



Think I’d need a stack of superlatives to describe a recent dinner at Sage on Midleton, the home of the 12 mile menu. I could easily go over the top as Kevin Aherne’s kitchen is easily ahead of many around the country.  Continue reading »

Italian Wines from the Alps
From the west to the east


Les Crêtes Petite Arvine Valle D’Aosta (DOP) 2012, 13%, €31.25 Le Caveau

Petite Arvine, better known over the mountains in Switzerland (in the Valais), is “an indigenous variety” in the Valle D’Aosta, with “soaring aromatics and rich sweet fruit” according to Robert Parker, Wine Advocate. 

Proprietor Constantino Charrère is the driving force in the region, “seeking out native grape varieties” for the wonderful wines of Les Crêtes, according to Le Caveau.  Continue reading »

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The post Best Cell Phone Companies With Best Plans appeared first on US Phone Plans.  Continue reading »

Dark dogs

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Thou shalt not judge a beer by its IBUs, thou shalt not judge BrewDog by inches of news.– Zak Avery, 2013
As usual I’m skipping past the boring controversial legal and marketing stuff and going straight for the liquid: two new BrewDog stouts, both pitching the strong and sweet angle.
Self-Assembly Pope was the first to hit the shelves, back at the end of last year. This is 7.4% ABV and includes coconut, cocoa and vanilla.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Cream Donuts

Cream is a new donut, coffee and ice-cream place in town. Its first base, open just two weeks back, is at the corner of Daunt’s Square and Paul Street and a second outlet, in Oliver Plunket Street, is due to open any day now.

Donuts are popular in Cork, always have been. But are now much different, more colourful, than the basic jam and cream filled bullet of a few decades ago.  Continue reading »

Should this really be all about the fish? The salmon is nothing spectacular though it was pretty tasty. All that was involved in the prep was to sprinkle it with some piment d’Espelette and whack it under a medium grill. Should it be about the wine? All that was involved there was putting a bottle of Gewurztraminer in the fridge and pulling the cork later. Should it be about the dhal? Perhaps it should. But, the thing of which I am most proud is the ingredients photo.  Continue reading »

Calm, Comfortable and Courteous Place
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Carrig House Stay

It is breakfast time. Outside, there are blue skies and the lake water is blue as well. Caragh Lake is a big and beautiful body of water and I’m staying in Carrig House on the shore. Carrig, by the way, serves one of the best breakfasts in Ireland, so all in all it is rather a perfect morning.  Continue reading »

The Allen family of Ballymaloe fame has tried, and failed, to open restaurants in Cork city before. It seems a woman was required for success, and this time, Rachel Allen has put her name to Cork’s latest restaurant opening. A TV chef, cookbook author and daughter-in-law to Darina Allen, will Rachel’s high flying fame bring enough star power to Cork’s somewhat fickle and occasionally staid dining scene?  Continue reading »

Summertime smorgasbord

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

With midsummer fast approaching it’s time for another random selection of Irish beers I’ve encountered over the last few months.
We got a new addition to the Eight Degrees Single Hop Series in the form of Lemon Drop IPA, which I caught up with at 57 the Headline. It’s a hazy dark orange colour and although the same ABV as the rest of the series at 5.7% it’s much more restrained in its flavour.  Continue reading »