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Cashel Blue Featured in new Oxford University Press Companion to Cheese

When you listen to Sarah Grubb speak about cheese and particularly about the cheeses that her family produces, including the famous Cashel Blue, you hear passion (and the occasional hearty laugh).  Continue reading »


Wine has been produced in the beautiful wine region of Ribera del Duero since Roman times, though it became well known outside of Spain only in the 1990s. Just two hours north of Madrid, there are over 270 vineyards following the banks of the Duero River in the Castilla y León region, a flowing swathe of land that’s approximately 115 kms long and 35 kms wide.

According to the World Atlas of Wine, there were just 24 bodegas in the region when the DO was created in 1982 and now there close to 300. You’ll find big companies there, such as Faustino and Torres, and many smaller outfits. And there are many small growers who sell their grapes to the winemakers.

.  Continue reading »

Ghost chilli

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

The beers of Brasserie Fantôme can be hit-and-miss, to say the least. And yet what often tastes like your mate’s dodgy homebrew seems to have garnered a cult following around the beeriverse and I’m not sure why. I doubt it’s the branding. Anyway, the missus brought a bottle of Fantôme Chocolat from Belgium a while back and we sat round one evening to give it a go. It’s an 8% ABV saison with the addition of chocolate and chilli.  Continue reading »

Top Red Trio from SuperValu
The annual SuperValu Christmas showcase gets underway tomorrow, 24th of November, and here are three reds (from many) to watch out for. My top three consist of an Italian style Shiraz from Australia, a lovely food-friendly Sangiovese from Tuscany and a delicious Rioja to try with the red meats, leg of lamb in particular. Cheers!  Continue reading »

Saturday lunchtime found us driving over towards Harold’s Cross so as to allow me to pick up my mobile phone which I had “forgotten” in a pub on Friday night. In other words, I might have been a bit oiled, and making sure that I had my mobile phone with me when leaving wasn’t top of the list of priorities. 

The upside of this unplanned trip was that I finally had an easy opportunity to visit Craft bistro for lunch.  Continue reading »

Holiday 2016

A post by imen at Farmette

Given the state of things, I’ve decided to make a fist of it and dive straight right into holiday mode. Can you hear those jingle bells a-jangling? Me either, but we are going to get there people!  Continue reading »

Ballyvolane House
Gardens, Glamping, Gin

Munster Wine & Dine on tour!

Initials galore at Ballyvolane House on Sunday when Munster Wine and Dine (MW & D) visited for lunch. Ballyvolane is the home of Bertha’s Revenge, so G and T (or maybe gin and just a few drops of water) was a topic. And it was our host Justin Green who brought up PG, paying guests!  Continue reading »

The post Read: 24 hours in Auckland appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

In part 1 of this two parter, I had a go at some of the French living here in Ireland. I need to spread my net wider. A good bit of racism goes a long way and we have plenty of it here in Ireland. My problem isn’t with the dumb-assed outrage at women wearing burkinis or even with the Brits for Brexiting. No, my issue is with the wily way so many of the ‘Bloody Foreigners’ are making it difficult for me to hate them.  Continue reading »

Trans-Shannon exports

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

On the daytrip to Galway back in July I managed to sneak a look-in at the Fine Wines off licence just down the street from The Salt House. In there I grabbed a handful of local beers I hadn’t seen around Dublin to take home with me.

First up is the charmingly named Bogman from Spiddal River Brewery. “Spiddal River Brewery is based in Spiddal, Co.  Continue reading »


Neil McGuigan of Australia’s McGuigan Wines was delighted to be back in Ireland - where people pronounce his name correctly. It had been a busy week for the Chief Winemaker, with engagements in Dubai and Malta and then time out in London to celebrate the company being named International Winemaker of the Year for a record fourth time.

Twenty four hours after collecting the trophy, Neil was speaking at Friday's wine dinner in the Pier One Restaurant in the Trident Hotel, with the bow of an ocean-going freighter about 25 yards behind him (it was tied up!). Carole Norman welcomed him on behalf of the Order of the Wine Geese and also introduced Michael Barry of Barry and Fitzwilliam who import the wines.

Neil lauded the involvement with Barry’s saying it is much more than commercial at this stage. “We got Kate (Barry) out to Australia to do a vintage and we sent son Matthew over to Ireland. I reckon we got the better deal!”, he joked.

Neil McGuigan in Kinsale
Where Everybody Knows Your Wine


Neil McGuigan of Australia’s McGuigan Wines was delighted to be back in Ireland – where people pronounce his name correctly. It had been a busy week for the Chief Winemaker, with engagements in Dubai and Malta and then time out in London to celebrate the company being named International Winemaker of the Year for a record fourth time.  Continue reading »


A post by sheila kiely at Gimme the recipe

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It seems so throwaway to say ‘Slow Blogging Changed My Life’ but actually it’s the truth (more on that later). Here are my top tips to becoming a slow blogger, although I’d hazard a guess that many bloggers already do this without actually realising it.
If you don’t have the content don’t share something on a particular day just because you have to.
When the inspiration takes you, fill up your drafts folder with buckets of content.  Continue reading »

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The smartphone revolution has totally changed over time, less
service providers, no mobile internet, no unlimited calls and text,
however the only thing
you may have been worried about is overage costs for talk minutes,
nowadays the only biggest factor that can cause a huge data bill is data
Even though you can still save a good deal of dollars by buying a
prepaid.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche

A post by Cork Billy at RESTAURANTS AND FOOD

Manon runs her tray along the counter, looking into rectangular metal pans of beans, sausages, watery mushrooms, tomatoes from a tin and scrambled eggs that have congealed into a solid square. A permanent breakfast offering in a lightless room, at 8.00pm on a Monday evening, for people who have ceased to observe normal day and night hours.
Dave..picks up his tray and moves over to Manon’s table..as she flicks over to Channel 4+1 for the news.  Continue reading »

First published in 2010 – the snow has long since melted!

Now is the time to make mincemeat so that it has time to mature before you make the mince pies. This is in the oven as I type and the house smells divine!
For me, the Christmas season starts as soon as the fruity, spicy, alcoholic aromas of mincemeat rise from the oven. Best of all, it is astonishingly simple to put together and the long slow cooking transforms these simple ingredients into something magical.  Continue reading »

Get your shades on

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

The rise of the craft beer can has provided a big opportunity for graphic designers and the brewers who commission their work. I suspect that this in turn is leading to a bit of a promotional arms race between companies as they battle for the customers’ attention from the crowded shelves, a bit like what has happened with keg fonts over the last decade.  Continue reading »

Veronica Steele. Pioneer in Irish cheese.
Focus too on County Cork in new Oxford Companion to cheese.  Continue reading »