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Amuse Bouche


Champagne has about the same alcohol content as other French white wines, but its alcohol becomes effective more quickly because the dissolved carbon dioxide in the wine goes straight to your bloodstream. Your circulation reacts by speeding up, just as it does when you are running, to exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. So a faster bloodstream carries the alcohol around your system. You giggle sooner, but the effects pass off more rapidly.

From How To Enjoy Your Wine by Hugh Johnson (1985).  Continue reading »

Chasing Trouble

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

Lately I’ve been all over the southside, looking for Trouble. It started with the grand re-opening of Ranelagh’s The Hill as a craft beer bar. I lived around the corner when I first moved to Dublin so remember this as a dark and slightly down-at-heel football pub. Darragh (pictured, right) and Derek from Ugly Duckling have taken it on, brightened it up, and installed a wide selection of good draught beers.  Continue reading »

Cahors and its Marvellous Malbec
And an Argentinian Gem

A meander of the Lot

This little piece was originally intended to put the spotlight on the under-rated Malbecs of Cahors (France), often regarded as the home of the grape. I had picked up two excellent examples, one organic, in Bradley’s, North Main Street. And then along came the outstanding Bousquet (also organic), from Argentina, where Malbec has found a new and very agreeable home.  Continue reading »

King Bryan Reigns By The Waterfall
A Right Royal Dinner
For Greene’s Food And Wine Mag Event

Great buzz in Greene’s Restaurant on Tuesday evening as guests strolled in past the waterfall, wondering what ace chef Bryan McCarthy had in store for the May Food and Wine Magazine Gourmet Evening. Wondering yes, but no worries as Bryan is one of the very best and he underlined his reputation with a stunning multi-course meal, based almost entirely on local produce.  Continue reading »

The Great Irish Food Quiz takes place on Thursday 26th May at The Wyatt Hotel Westport.
Westport Food Festival has a brand new midsummer date this year, from 24-26 June 2016. There’s a cracking line up with many old favourites returning plus some exciting new events in the charming Co. Mayo town. One of the highlights is The Great Irish Food Quiz, a brand new event this year.  Continue reading »

On a promise

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

I like Mosaic hops. I like Founders brewery. I’m… fairly indifferent to Golden Promise malt, but the joining up of the first two was enough to pique my interest when Founders Mosaic Promise rolled into view. This is 5.5% ABV and a pale gold colour. I noticed a lot of gunk sloshing around in the bottom of the bottle so I poured carefully and got a clear glassful for my troubles.
There’s a lovely spicy aroma.  Continue reading »

Taste of the Week
Kerry Lane Pale Ale

Cotton Ball pic

“This is one terrific ale,” I thought to myself last night as I sipped the cool Kerry Lane Pale Ale (5%), made a very short walk from me by the Cotton Ball Brewing Company. I hadn’t had a Kerry Lane with a while and was very pleasantly surprised by the reacquaintance.

I’m not the only one pleased with our latest Taste of the Week as the Kerry Lane won gold at last October’s Blas na hEireann Awards in Dingle.  Continue reading »

West Cork in 36 Hours
So Much To Do, See, Eat!

Busy at Inish Beg

It’s bluebell time in Ireland and the magic flowers were a highlight of our last weekend’s 36 hours in West Cork but there were also Tiger Prawns, Basking sharks, Sicilian Cauliflower, even a Mobile Sauna.

The Mobile Sauna came early on, spotted by Garrettstown beach on Sunday morning as we took the long way west. Don’t think there were too many customers in the tented facility.  Continue reading »

Super Cheesy Parmesan & Chive Scones

A post by Aoife - Babaduck at Babaduck

There is nothing nicer than a fluffy scone, liberally spread with good Irish salted butter and perhaps a dollop of raspberry jam.  Until you make a savoury scone crammed full of cheese and fragrant herbs and realise what you've been missing out on.  I'll be honest, scone making has never been my special skill and when I was learning to bake in Home Economics class in school, mine were usually an unmitigated disaster.  Continue reading »

#FoodOscars in Ireland

A post by Móna Wise at Wise Words

The Restaurant Association of Ireland (RAI) hosted its Annual Awards event (#FoodOscars) in Dublin last night (Monday 16th May, 2016). This event is of huge importance to Restaurant owners, Chefs and their crews, and Front of house teams, from all over the island of Ireland.
This is their NIGHT to get dolled up and sit down to a nice meal together, cooked by their peers aka the winners from last years awards, and receive recognition for their hard graft. All  950 of them.  Continue reading »

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For this week’s shopping tips it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Where can you find paella pans for €8.99, adult colouring books for €3.99, 815g of chicken for €2, some gluten-free products still on special offer, and 74 Fairy dishwasher tabs for €10? Read on to find out more.
As always, these tips are compiled by my own research. There’s no advertising on this blog, and I don’t get paid for them. I hope you like saving money on groceries as much as I do!  Continue reading »

A well-used wooden table, set for four in the middle of a farm yard, with mismatched plates, battered crockery and crumpled, earth-toned linens. Food gathered at the English Market…
The post Listen: Lens & Larder at Ballyvolane House appeared first on Bibliocook – All About Food.  Continue reading »

What a con!

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

The National Homebrew Club held its second annual Brewing Convention in Dublin last month. El Presidente Thomas invited me to the after party in the neo-Gothic splendour of Smock Alley Theatre’s Banquet Hall. Yellow Belly had brewed a beer especially for the day. As a non-member of the NHC, I can’t comment on the appropriateness of its name: Keyboard Warrior. Declan is manning the taps there and he cheekily described it as a 6% ABV session IPA.  Continue reading »

The Mews. A Kenmare Delight.Rather Special.


Sometimes it’s the little things. The things that don’t cost that much, if anything. But that make a big impression. Take a couple of the little things on a recent visit to the lovely Mews Restaurant in Kenmare, opened last year by Gary Fitzgerald and Maria O’Sullivan.

First impressions? The smiles on entry. Indeed, throughout the evening. And another?  Continue reading »

Sometimes a new restaurant opens which challenges your perception of a certain cuisine, and highlights it in a way you’ve never experienced before. Indian food has been on an upward trend in Ireland, thanks to excellent cooking from restaurants such as the now-closed Jaipur, Kinara and Ananda.  Continue reading »

Amuse Bouche


We went to the garden that evening with some bottles of beer. They were almost the size of wine bottles, the standard in Rwanda. Once Gibson had made sure no one could observe us he drank his beer through a straw. It was the traditional way. In villages men would sit in a circle and pass around a flask of banana beer – a practice the government had outlawed. I think Gibson quietly enjoyed his small subversion.
From Bad News (Last Journalists in a Dictatorship) by Anjan Sundaram (2016).  Continue reading »

Any given Friday

A post by The Beer Nut at The Beer Nut

When I first visited The Open Gate Brewery, Diageo’s Dublin brewpub, I expressed some concern about its lack of, well, openness: that you need to plan forward and book in advance to visit, and how this is likely to keep the masses away from what is intended as a reaching-out gesture. I’ve been back in a few times over the intervening months, though always as part of invitation-only events and I was very curious to see what The Open Gate is like on a typical Friday evening.  Continue reading »

Liam Campbell hosts Beaujolais MasterClass in Cork

The event is open to bone fide trade (on or off) and press. 
Contact: Jean Smullen Tel: (086) 816 8468  jean@jeansmullen.com.  Continue reading »