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November 27th, 2007

Welcome to FoodFight.ie

Welcome to FoodFight.ie, this is an aggregator of Irish Food and Drink blogs. This website would not have been possible without the love that so many of the Irish foodies put into their amazing blogs, so a big thank you to those who blog about food/drink with so much passion. A special thanks goes to the Humblest Housewife – Deborah who ages ago compiled a list of Irish Food Bloggers and who lobbied to get a Best Food/Drink Blog category at the 2008 Irish Blog Awards. As a result there’ll be a category for the stars of this website.

As well as aggregated content on this site, we hope to have guest bloggers here too and so over time there’ll be more and more of our own content here as well. This site is funded by sponsorship of the site and we will have sponsors also contributing useful content as well to the site so win win for sponsors and readers. As we’re just starting we’ll probably be fixing some niggly bits we overlooked or things we hadn’t considered until you told us, so please be patient! Finally a big thank you to John Blackbourn who built all of this for us.

Just for those who we aggregate, if you don’t want to show up, we’ll remove you from the mix. We only give a brief summary of your blog posts and link directly to them so anyone that wants to read your full post will have to go to your site and also the search engine love goes to you too as we link to your full content. We want this aggregator to get you more attention as we think you deserve it! (If that doesn’t get us free cookies we don’t know what will)

We’d appreciate some links too so link away!

3 Responses to “Welcome to FoodFight.ie”

  1. Deborah says:

    Wow Damien – nice work! This is very cool. You should contact some of the bigger Irish food sites (greatfood.ie, Paolo Tullio etc), they should get some good traffic over here. There’s also a fully updated list here:


    Some very interesting new one’s including Kevin Thornton!!!

    Thanks for putting this together – will link right away!

  2. Kitchen Cupboards ` says:

    i love food blogs because i love to eat tasty and sweet foods;:;

  3. Candy Paint : says:

    i maintain at least three food blogs because i really love to eat and drink;:;