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September 19th, 2010

Win a Cully and Sully Chef Factor Hamper

To celebrate the launch of Cheffactor.ie, Cully & Sully are offering you the chance to win one of their highly coveted hampers. The hamper consists of 6 Cully & Sully plates, an apron, one of each product and some trinkets from the Ballymaloe shop. Cheffactor is an online contest for anyone with an interest in food. The top prize is a place on the 12 week Ballymaloe Cookery Course worth €12,000 plus accommodation, knives and everything you’ll need to be Ireland’s next great chef.

Cully and Sully Chef Factor

To be in with a chance to win a hamper, simply answer the question about Cully & Sully’s Cheffactor:

Cheffactor is an online competition from who ?

  • a) Mulder and Scully
  • b) Batman and Robin
  • c) Cully & Sully
  • Leave your answer in the comments and your name will be entered into the draw and let us know if you’ll enter Chef Factor and what fav dish will you enter.

    To be in with a chance to win Chef Factor:
    Go to Cheffactor.ie and submit a recipe and pic of it. Remember this competition will turn you into a cooking rockstar, you don’t need to be one to enter. See what other people submitted here, the simple ham sandwich is also welcome for example.

    Competition closed as of 8pm, 25th Sept 2010.
    Congrats to Jane Steger-Lewis who won the Cully and Sully Hamper. C&S will be emailing you.

    Here’s their video about it too:

126 Responses to “Win a Cully and Sully Chef Factor Hamper”

  1. Aisling says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  2. Michele says:

    C: Cully & Sully

  3. Stephen Holmes says:

    Answer (c) Cully & Sully

  4. Rossa says:

    (C) Cully & Sully

  5. Pamela O'Sullivan says:

    C – Cully & Scully

  6. David says:


  7. Brian O'Connor says:

    Answer = C

  8. siobhan okeeffe says:

    C – Cully & Scully

  9. Aisling McW says:

    Answer is C – Cully&Sully

  10. Declan says:

    Answer = C
    I would enter Cheffactor, but the UN tend to invade people who make weapons of mass destruction so I’m not allowed to cook anymore.

  11. Marian says:


    Answer is of course C – Cully and Sully!

  12. Roslyn Farrelly says:

    ans C Cully and Sully

  13. Trish says:

    Ans: C

  14. Elana says:

    Answer is C, Cully & Sully.

    Want to enter, but a bit intimidated!

  15. Daniel Hunt says:

    c) Cully & Sully
    I hadn’t actually heard about this competition before, but now you’ve got me thinking about entering :D

  16. Diana O'Rourke says:

    Answer C – Cully and Sully

  17. Dan says:

    C. Cully and sully

  18. Caitriona says:

    Answer is c

  19. Sabrina says:

    Answer: C!

    I’m keen on the hamper so I *don’t* have to cook. Not so keen on the school that would mean I had to… you know, cook!

  20. Stephen says:

    Answer: C – Cully and Sully

    Won’t enter the competition myself but will be pushing my better half to enter.

  21. jane says:

    c) Cully & Sully

    I won’t be entering. I’m a terrible cook. That’s why I need the hamper!

  22. Sarah says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  23. Mike Leahy says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  24. Shay says:

    A) Mulder and Scully. Perhaps some UFOs are involved too, but this still has to be confirmed.

  25. Al Graham says:

    C) Cully & Sully

    Now time to cross everything!

  26. Edel says:

    Cully & Sully

  27. Shane says:

    C: Cully and Sully

  28. Garreth Ruane says:

    Answer (c) Cully & Sully

  29. Ann Donnelly says:

    C – Cully & Sully

  30. Michelle says:

    C – Cully & Sully

  31. theresa says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  32. Kristin says:

    C: Cully & Sully

  33. Laura says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  34. David O'Keeffe says:


    “Cully & Sully”

  35. Anna says:

    c – Cully & Sully

  36. Lee says:

    The answer is C: Cully & Sully :)

  37. Aidan says:

    Answer = C

  38. John Henry Donovan says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  39. Paul Moran says:

    C C C C The answer is Cully & Sully.

  40. Helen says:

    Answer is C

  41. John says:

    Answer -C

  42. Mike says:

    C – Cully and Sully. Great comp!

  43. Carol says:

    C. Cully & Sully

  44. Barry says:

    C. Cully & Sully

  45. Brian says:

    Answer (c)! Cully & Sully :)

  46. flora crowe says:

    Ans C. Cully and Sully

    pick me

  47. Gearoid Godson says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  48. Ciara Gilvarry says:

    Answer is c) Cully & Sully

  49. Alan says:

    C) Cully and Sully

  50. John says:

    C) Cully and Sully

  51. elly parker says:

    C – Cully & Sully

  52. Conor Byrne says:

    C: Cully & sully

  53. siobhan power says:

    answer=C cully and sully

    will defo be entering the comp!

  54. Treasa says:

    C) Cully and Sully

    haven’t decided about rockstar cook status yet mind.

  55. Nessa Robins says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  56. Philip Murphy says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  57. Joanna Schaffalitzky says:

    C- Cully and Sully.

  58. Maurice says:

    c) cully and sully


  59. Liana says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  60. Pat says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  61. Mary says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  62. Conor says:

    C) Cully & Sully

  63. Niamh says:

    C – Cully and Sully

    Hmm, I might enter alright, possibly with my lentil and pasta bake..

  64. Fiona says:

    C–Cully & Sully!

  65. Sean Rice says:


    The answer is Cully & Sully.

  66. paysan says:

    Answer (c) Cully and Sully

  67. Bernadette Broderick says:

    c) Cully and Sully

  68. AnFearbui says:

    C_Cully & Sully

  69. Adam says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  70. Sinead says:

    C Cully & Sully

  71. Simon Kenny says:

    (C) Cully & Sully

  72. Grannymar says:

    If I am not in I cannot win!!

    The answer is: c) Cully & Sully.

  73. Ciara says:

    Cully & Sully!

  74. Roisin Bell says:

    c) Cully & Sully !

  75. Emma says:

    C Cully & Sully
    Have a friend who would be ideal for Cheffactor! :)

  76. Rhoda Kirwan says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  77. Orla Linehan says:

    (c) Cully & Sully

  78. Regina O Keeffe says:

    c) Cully and Sully

  79. Mark Byrne says:

    c) Cully and Scully

  80. Patrick Nagle says:

    c) Cully and Scully

  81. Triona Cahalane says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  82. Neil Duffy says:

    C – Cully & Scully

  83. Josephine Norton says:

    C) Cully & Scully

  84. Sandra says:

    C. Cully & Sully

  85. Cormac says:

    (c) Cully and Sully

  86. Joanne says:

    (c) Cully & Sully

  87. Jo says:

    C – Cully and Sully!

  88. Fergal says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  89. Dave says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  90. Frances says:

    Answer = C

  91. Ciaran Bohane says:

    •c) Cully & Sully

  92. Tony says:

    C) Cully and Sully

  93. Malooba says:

    Of course it’s C) – The Cullsters and Sullsters…

  94. aisling moore says:

    C) Cully and Sully . pick me please im 15 and LOVE to cook

  95. Tony says:

    it is C) Cully & Sully

  96. Kate Ryan says:

    Answer is c) Cully & Sully

  97. Sarah says:

    C) Cully and Sully

  98. Chris says:

    C: Cully & Sully

  99. Niamh barron says:

    C)Cully & Sully

  100. Dee says:

    C – Cully & Sully

  101. Dave Allen says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  102. Ali Crowley says:

    C)Cully & Sully. Going to enter competition but can’t decide on my ultimate dish…

  103. Mariah says:

    c. Cully & Sully

  104. kris says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  105. Frank O Brien says:

    C- Cully and Sully

  106. EmilyAM says:

    It’s Cully and Sully.

  107. Kerry FItzgerald says:


  108. Louise says:

    C- Cully and Scully

  109. Georgina says:

    C Cully & Sully

  110. Éidín says:

    Jeepers id say the answer is c

  111. Aidan says:

    C. I’d say it’s c, is it?

  112. Jon dardis says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  113. Christian says:

    C) Cully & Sully

  114. Katherine says:

    C: Cully & Sully

  115. Therese says:

    C) Cully & Sully :)

  116. Mrs Hen says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  117. Colin Rodgers says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  118. Fachtna Ó hAodha says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  119. Suzanne says:

    C. Cully and Sully

  120. Suzanne Chase says:

    C – Cully and Sully

  121. David says:

    C: Cully & Sully

  122. Cathal says:

    C) Cully and Sully

  123. Caroleann Lane says:

    C. Cully & Sully

  124. Aline says:

    c) Cully & Sully

  125. Rob Elliffe says:

    C – Cully and Sully.



  126. admin says:

    Competition is now closed. Thank you.